Friday, May 20, 2011

Sharing the inspiration

I've been inspired lately from a few blogs and wanted to share a some favorites with you.

T'Time Challenges at Raising 4 Princesses is a feature to encourage us busy moms to take a few minutes and focus on our kids. Maria, or her guest contributors, provide a simple, oh-so-doable prompt to help us Take The Time. I love it and I need it. I'm a totally task oriented person and taking a minute to do something simple, like teach my kids a knock knock joke, can all too often seem like a distraction from my "real" work, when in fact it is exactly just the thing I ought to be doing. You'll like T'Time; they are easy and fun.

The Brown Eyed Baker is the reason why my stomach will never ever be flat again. These peanut butter oatmeal creations and these amazing chocolate chip cookies are completely worth it though. My husband is exceedingly glad that I have discovered this blog because I've been whipping up cookies like it was my job. Which according to him, it is. Seriously... whenever I intend to have a serious discussion with Seth about what my priorities are... whether I should take on a new project, or something like that, he always seems to throw into the conversation that I should make more cookies. He doesn't really mind clutter. All the clothes dirty? Who cares. Cereal for dinner? Fine. As long as there are cookies, he's happy.

Parents Say "No, and that's the end of it." is the title of a recent post on Journal for Women. I wish I could make a thousand copies and pass them out to parents as they shop for or with their daughters in the mall. I do not know if would make anyone change their mind. But it should.

Joy Unspeakable is a new blog (to me). It's a wonderful insight into the life of a missionary adjusting to a new field. She also has some great looking recipes that I plan to try. I have tried her Pizza Pockets and I'm pretty sure I was the coolest Mom on the block that day.

Probably my favorite thing about blogs is the ability for missionaries to keep in better contact with friends and relatives or just America a bit easier. I imagine it's a blessing to them, but it is for sure a blessing to me. Two of my wedding bridesmaids are, or have been, foreign missionaries, as well as several others friends of Seth and I. I hope I can say this without offense, but sometimes, in our churches we put missionaries up on pedestals and think of them as some sort of "Super Christians". As if the sacrifice of leaving home and country and doing without so many things is easier for them because they are a different breed of Christian than you or I. Do you know that sometimes missionary families, when visiting churches, sleep on gym floors because, after all, "they are missionaries... it's better than a hut." Or that sometimes care packages are sent with things like already used tea bags... because, after all, they are missionaries and can still get another use or two out of those bags.

Do I admire missionaries? Absolutely. I truly believe in my heart that if God called, we would go without hesitation... but they HAVE. While I think they're are heros and I love them, I think they are regular people like you and me. Okay, well I may not be "regular" but you know what I mean. They like microwaves. They like Super-WalMarts. They like safety for their children. They like medical care if needed. They like attractive homes. The missionary wives I know in tropical locations were not born with any great appreciation of giant cockroaches, and spiders the size of lobsters. I'm pretty sure they don't like 'em, just like I don't like 'em. My point is that I greatly appreciate blogs as a window into the day to day lives of missionary wives. They have highs and lows, just as I do. Imagine that! And sometimes, it's a good reminder to count my blessings and just quit griping. Perhaps most important of all, we get to know specifically how to pray for our missionary friends. Pray for their children. Some of the places in which they are called to minister are dangerous. Their children need our prayers.

And though no missionary has asked me to say this: please, keep your used tea bags state side.




missionary mama said...

Hi! You don't know me, but I feel like I know you. Well, a tiny bit anyway. I don't think I have ever left you a note before, but after reading the missionary comments, I just can't help myself. I am friends with both Maria at Raising 4 princesses and Jessi at Joy Unspeakable and I, too, am one of those "normal people" missionaries.
I have to say that you hit the nail on the head. I ♥ the blog world as it connects me to my missionary friends across the globe which helps me feel encouraged and not all alone. It's such a blessing to have friends "in your line of work" that better understand what you are going through/dealing with.
I also heartily agree that we are normal (whatever that is) people. We are not super-spiritual Superwomen nor do we want your 'already been used'.....anything. Lord willing, we each are in our corner of the world doing what the Lord wants us to do. Some corners just need a little more TLC than others ;0)
So, all that to say, I really enjoy how encouraging, uplifting, and yet, very down to earth you and your blog are. Thanks for ministering to me and many others in this way and for having such a great attitude towards missions/missionaries!
Heather Gansemer in Argentina

Kayte said...

Heather, you've made my day! God bless you there in Argentina!

Gail said...

I couldn't agree more about missionary wives. Missionaries hold such a dear and special place in my heart. Our church was organized 25 plus years ago in the middle of a missions conference. My sister-in-law and her family have been on the mission field in Costa Rica for 30 plus years. I have enjoyed following Maria so much. She has the neatest blog. I tell people that the blogs I follow are home decorating ones and missionary wife ones. I agree with you that it is great to be able to keep up with their everyday lives in such a neat way. Thanks for your post. Glad to follow your blog as well. It's so nice to run across someone who has the Christian values that you do. Gail

Marisa said...

Thanks for the post! LOVE the article on girls dress! Absolutley crazy the stuff parents buy for their little girls! WOW!

Oooh that baking blog.. YUM! Cant wait to try some of that stuff!

And all I can say about sending ANYONE used ANYTHING is ... WOW and Ewwwwwwwww! That is just so unimaginable to me!!!

Anyways... thanks for sharing all these blogs! Good Stuff!

raising4princesses said...

thanks so much for the mention! I've played with the idea of T' Time for a long time and thought of different ways to do it. Right now I'm happy with it and having guests. I enjoy your blog...keep it up!