Monday, September 27, 2010

Sneak peekin' at the baby girl...

Here she is!

She's expected to arrive in about 3 wks but she already measures 7 lbs. 8 oz.s I think I'm in trouble!

But I'm loving the chubby cheeks! My older girls were in the 6 lb. range and were long and SKINNY! Even though they were not, preemie outfits fit them well for a couple of weeks. Maybe this girlie will actually wear newborn or 0-3 mo. size right from the start? Hmm... time to re-consider the going home I have packed for her...

From the joy of new life on Earth, on to the joy of new life in Heaven: My husband's sweet grandma went to be with Jesus this morning. She was probably so surprised to see her daughter, Christine, welcoming her at those pearly gates! I'm sure they are having a wonderful time there together today.


Sunday, September 26, 2010


...marks one month since Seth's mom, Christine went to Heaven.

Parts of me can not believe it has been that long, while parts of me look back at the week before her death, a stressful 10 days in the hospital not knowing exactly what was going on or what was about to happen, as a distant blur from a life time ago. There are still moments when all I can think is "Is she really gone? Really??" Looking at pictures of her, I remember her vitality. Her strength. Time may make me eat these words, but I honestly believe that I will never again take for granted how long we have one another. God really does order our days and when He says they are up, they are up. Regardless of young, regardless of how important, regardless of how loved. It's all in His hands. And that is just where I want it to be.

A few days ago, Seth let me know that his mother's mother, Grandma Berg was not doing well. By the time I joined the McCoy family, Grandma Berg was frail and confined to her apartment, but still able to converse and share stories from earlier in her life. She almost always told me about the day she sent her husband off to World War II. Grandma Berg's sweet, weathered face lit up with animation as she recalled how she clung to him and begged him not to leave her. It really was a romantic anecdote, and since he did return and raise a family with her, it had a happy ending. Occasionally, I see a "Grandma Berg grin" on Eden's face... bright eyes accompanied by a slanted smile with indications of a goofy thought running through her head. Even in these past few years living in the nursing home, Grandma could be so silly at times. She is 89 yrs. old, and though she may not remember people or events well, she has remembered her sense of humor, and she has never stopped talking about the Lord.

One thing anyone who spends anytime talking to Grandma Berg knows is that her heart is in Heaven. Her husband, that same one she clung to all those decades ago, went to be with the Lord 10 yrs. ago, and Grandma Berg has been looking forward to joining him there ever since. Sometimes, I wonder if it seems strange to other people how freely and even bluntly Grandma Berg expresses her desire to be in Heaven. It seems perfectly normal to us, maybe because we're used to hearing her speak of it at every chance, but also because we know that she has laid up her treasures in Heaven. She has much to look forward to there. She has a Savior Who will welcome her and embrace her. She will get to see the King of Kings face to face. And of course, her husband and Christine will be there as well.

I lay awake a lot these days when I wish I were sleeping. Last night, as I waited for much needed sleep to come, I thought of my husband's grandmothers. He has been blessed with an amazing, godly heritage on both sides of his family tree. Both of his grandmothers had tremendous roles in the Christian upbringing from which Seth, his siblings and cousins benefited. Grandma Berg is known by many for her consistent stand for the Lord. She prayed for others and was a pillar in her church.

Yesterday, I took these pictures as Seth visited with her. She seemed to be sleeping, or in a morphine haze, but when Seth clasped her hand, she closed her fingers around his.

Today, she is unresponsive and has been put on oxygen. Please pray for her physical comfort. It has been an emotional month and a half for our family, but I think I can boldly say that her home going to the Lord will be cause for rejoicing, even if through a few tears of sadness.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pictures of recent going on's...

My girls at church last Sunday
Eden administering some rather rough diaper changes to all her "babies".

The girls, along with their buddy, Lexi after their very first Sunday School class.
(Can you tell that Maddie likes her "new" coat? Won't take the thing off! It was a great garage sale find!)

I think she had fun! =)
And the belly.
(Amy, do you see your print in the background? ♥)


Monday, September 20, 2010

Have ya missed me? =)

I have been a very negligent blogger lately. I have excuses, eh uh... reasons. You're dying to hear them, aren't you?

1. Obviously, my mother in law's passing has changed our lives. While I do have lots of thoughts running through my head, I have felt it better to keep most of them private.

2. I am, in case you forgot, 36 wks. pregnant. This translates to tired.

3. Busy busy beavers we are! School has resumed, we've been in the midst of a two week revival meeting, which has actually been extended for another half week, I have lots of laundry, dishes, cleaning, doctor's appointments, etc etc etc.

4. My computer chair is uncomfortable. I think truth be told, this is the number one reason for my absence. I have zero desire to sit at my computer, when normally I find it relaxing and (being totally honest) am prone to spend more time here than I should. But this non-padded dinning chair is just not where I choose to relax in my present pregnant state. And so when I do have an evening (or afternoon) free, I gravitate toward the comfy couch, where I inevitably doze off. (See #2).

So there you have it. And you know what I have discovered in my blogging vacation? You, and I both did just fine without a daily blab fest. *sigh*

The girls are napping away at the moment. We're transitioning Eden out of the crib and into a twin sized mattress in Maddie's room. Madison is thrilled to have Eden's company; she has long complained of being lonely in her room. Eden teeters between liking her new bed (mostly because it is pink and she loves pink), and craving the familiarity of her crib. But that crib will soon have another occupant. I have a suspicion that Eden's feelings toward the new baby will also be a mix of glee and wonder, while also resenting sharing Mommy's lap. If the way she responds in the church nursery while I hold other babies is any indication, we'll have a period of "adjustment" for sure! Maddie was only 19 months old when Eden was born and really never seemed jealous or resentful toward her. But Eden is very much a cuddle bug and is not nearly as independent as Madison, even though Maddie was younger. She'll be fine, though I know. It's probably going to be very good for her, in fact.

I'm nesting a bit... as the energy and/or time for it is available. The baby girl clothes have been retrieved from the basement, washed and put away, ready for a tiny princess to wear. It really is fun to look through those little outfits and remember the older girls wearing them, or who have them to us. The car seat cover has been laundered, and is waiting a ride to the hospital. A couple of fresh sheets for the crib, new packages of bottles and binkies, a couple adorable little bows made by a friend... all waiting patiently. The only one without patience is me, of course. ;)

This poor girl remains nameless. We're actually not discussing names much anymore. I guess we'll just wait until we met her...


Saturday, September 4, 2010

A temporary goodbye

My mother in law, Christine and her husband of over 30 yrs.

This post is long over due. I know that. I asked you to pray for my mother in law while she was suffering with a serious illness and then never gave you a follow up. I've thought of doing so. Even sat down to do it... but could not type.

We said good bye to my mother in law a little over a week ago. Her soul departed for heaven on Thursday morning, shortly after midnight.

The previous day was spent going through many coarse hospitals tissues and praying for God to heal her. The LORD did answer our prayers and healed her in the way He knew best. She's now walking on streets of gold and singing praises to God. As we have been telling Madison, she has a huge smile on her face, and maybe she is even able to fly!

We're sad. We're shocked. Still. A week and 2 days later and I still find it unbelievable. She was so healthy and strong, and her decline happened so quickly. The only conclusion we can arrive at is that the Lord has a special purpose in mind. We have no regret regarding her care or decisions that were made. It seems very clear that no matter what doctors and medicine could do, the Lord had decided it was time for her to be with Him. Each of us know without a doubt that Christine was 100% ready to meet her Saviour. She had lived with utter contentment with whatever lot the Lord choose for her, and the timing of her death was no different. Her only concerns were to glorify the Lord and allow His will to be done in her life.

While we find peace and even gladness knowing where she is, and Whose company she is enjoying, we miss her terribly. There is a tremendous sense of loss in our lives. She was our pastor's wife, a mother of 5, a grandmother of 14 and a servant to everyone in her acquaintance. She left a remarkable example of a selfless and humble Christian.

Thank you for praying for her while she was ill. She is healed in every way now!

Here is the link to Christine's obituary: LEGACY