Monday, September 20, 2010

Have ya missed me? =)

I have been a very negligent blogger lately. I have excuses, eh uh... reasons. You're dying to hear them, aren't you?

1. Obviously, my mother in law's passing has changed our lives. While I do have lots of thoughts running through my head, I have felt it better to keep most of them private.

2. I am, in case you forgot, 36 wks. pregnant. This translates to tired.

3. Busy busy beavers we are! School has resumed, we've been in the midst of a two week revival meeting, which has actually been extended for another half week, I have lots of laundry, dishes, cleaning, doctor's appointments, etc etc etc.

4. My computer chair is uncomfortable. I think truth be told, this is the number one reason for my absence. I have zero desire to sit at my computer, when normally I find it relaxing and (being totally honest) am prone to spend more time here than I should. But this non-padded dinning chair is just not where I choose to relax in my present pregnant state. And so when I do have an evening (or afternoon) free, I gravitate toward the comfy couch, where I inevitably doze off. (See #2).

So there you have it. And you know what I have discovered in my blogging vacation? You, and I both did just fine without a daily blab fest. *sigh*

The girls are napping away at the moment. We're transitioning Eden out of the crib and into a twin sized mattress in Maddie's room. Madison is thrilled to have Eden's company; she has long complained of being lonely in her room. Eden teeters between liking her new bed (mostly because it is pink and she loves pink), and craving the familiarity of her crib. But that crib will soon have another occupant. I have a suspicion that Eden's feelings toward the new baby will also be a mix of glee and wonder, while also resenting sharing Mommy's lap. If the way she responds in the church nursery while I hold other babies is any indication, we'll have a period of "adjustment" for sure! Maddie was only 19 months old when Eden was born and really never seemed jealous or resentful toward her. But Eden is very much a cuddle bug and is not nearly as independent as Madison, even though Maddie was younger. She'll be fine, though I know. It's probably going to be very good for her, in fact.

I'm nesting a bit... as the energy and/or time for it is available. The baby girl clothes have been retrieved from the basement, washed and put away, ready for a tiny princess to wear. It really is fun to look through those little outfits and remember the older girls wearing them, or who have them to us. The car seat cover has been laundered, and is waiting a ride to the hospital. A couple of fresh sheets for the crib, new packages of bottles and binkies, a couple adorable little bows made by a friend... all waiting patiently. The only one without patience is me, of course. ;)

This poor girl remains nameless. We're actually not discussing names much anymore. I guess we'll just wait until we met her...


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Amy ♥ DailyPleasures said...

I have missed you! It's good to hear from you again. I've thought of you much and I've prayed for you. Only four more weeks! Sounds great!