About Me & My Blog

Mother's Day 2011

Hi! I'm Kayte. Thanks for stopping by my blog. With so many blogs and so little time in a day, the fact that anyone other than my mother would actually take the time read one word I write is nothing short of amazing. And surprising. Baffling, really. If you enjoy what you find here, you may want to see a mental health provider.

Jez jokin'

Who am I and what is this blog all about? I am still figuring out the answer to both questions.

What I've got so far: I am a Christian wife and mommy.

My handsome hubby and I got hitched in 2004:
Best deicson I ever made
Since then....like immmediantly after.... we've been living in his home town in Upstate NY, leaving my home state of California far, far away. Seth serves as the Assistant Pastor at our church. We love the Lord, and we love serving Him with our lives. We also love the three little cutie pies in the picture above. I spend most of my time doing interesting and exotic things like fold laundry. Truthfully, I love being a stay at home mom and keeping house is a fulfilling endeavor to me. I also coupon, garden, decorate my home, craft a bit, and teach my pre-schoolers what sound the letters make, and of course, it's my great privilege to be involved with our church ministries and activities.

I love chai tea, butterflies, a good book, writing, good hair days, lip balm, open windows, french vanilla coffee, a clean floor, and pink fuzzy slippers.

This blog is a hodge podge of family news, pictures, ideas, recipes, and my inner thoughts, which of course aren't so "inner" once they are posted, are they? "Yada Yada Yada" simply means.... whatever. I was tempted to name the blog "Just another blog" or "The nap time blogger". Both would suit it. Maybe one day I will fine tune my content and actually have a theme or true purpose. For now, though, maybe I will make you laugh, or pass along a good idea or thought. Or maybe you just like to see amateur snap shots of adorable children. I just so happen to have a few of those lying around.