Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pictures. Cause it's been a while.

Something that I miss about blogging- probably what I miss MOST- is the chance to periodically look through old posts and remember the girls and what our family was up to and the dumb thoughts I not only had but shared with the world. Journal keeping is probably one of the best things a person can do. After we die, our written words hold so much value for our loved ones. And I just love having a detailed account recording of these days with little ones.

Do they always hold hands and play joyfully in flowered patches of soft grass?
Um... no.
We go from peaceful loving sweetness to screaming in unison "THAT WAS MINE!" in no time at all.
But here and there I will over hear them address and solve their conflicts on their own and it's really really nice.


 Maddie started 1st grade today. Here she was at 7am, so excited. I admit I am not in the early rising routine myself! For years Seth has had a dark quiet house in which he gets ready and goes to school while I (lazily) snuggle a baby back to sleep in our bed (they don't spend the night there- just get up early for a diaper change and then want some juice and snuggles before a couple more hours of sleep). But today, that all changed. EVERYONE was up.

 Breakfast. Brush teeth.
 Get dressed. Get hair done.
 Do you have everything you need? Don't forget your Bible!

 Don't get demerits on your first day!!! Don't talk out! Don't run! Remember to go potty on break! Don't you want to just stay home with me and be little forever? no? Okay I don't want that either. Get out. Be good. I love you. Bye.

And after all that I may have walked over to the church with the younger girls for a few more pictures. She seemed to be doing just fine. A whole 400 yards from home with her Dad as principle and she still managed to be fine. Impressive, I know.

We decorated with a nautical theme for the beginning of this year. I didn't take pictures of the whole room but there was a photo op with a head cut out that I got a shot of each student with.

And a few non-students slipped in there.


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