Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to look better in pictures- instant slimming trick!

I've been looking around for posing tutorials lately (I have a young man willing to let me take his senior pictures- sooooo looking forward to that!) But being that my typical subjects have been children, posing has not really been part of the equation. Because frankly, kids don't care if they look good and even if they did, don't cooperate well enough to pose too much! But with teens/adults who want a flattering portrait, I have some studying to do. And I have found a little tip that I think helps a whole lot, and is a good thing to keep in mind whenever YOU are being photographed. You'll look thinner and your bone structure will be enhanced.

Here is a clear as crystal explanation of the idea behind this post:


My husband has been my wonderful test subject many times over. =) He's awesome.

So here is your typical, stand there and look at the camera pose:


And then I asked him to lean his ears toward me. By leaning his ears toward me, his jaw protruded and created a stronger jawline. He does not have an ounce of flab on him but if he did, this will instantly slim him.

It feels a little awkward and it even looks sort of odd in person, but when you go from 3D in person to 2D in the camera, it looks good! Don't go overboard and make a duck gesture, but pulling your jaw away from your neck HELPS YOU LOOK BETTER.

I think the difference would be MUCH more noticeable on someone who isn't bone skinny as Seth is, and he already has a strong jawline. I am also thin but do not have a strong jaw line. I have a mushy jaw than blends into my neck without much definition. (Unfortunately, I wore a turtle neck when doing this experiment! The blonde hilights went a little too deep, I think!) But I think showing in on a female is helpful, because this little change really makes a nice impact on ladies.

Me, normal:

Jaw out slightly:

Jaw out, head tilted away from shoulder:

And to show you what NOT to do, head tilted toward the shoulder: This creates a heavier look. The goal you want to keep in mind is keeping your skin taunt. Double chin issue? Keep the skin taunt!

Did you pay attention to the jawline? It's a subtle difference but it does help. So next time you're going your picture taken, pull your law out just a tad!! It's more flattering!


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hello... anybody there?

I'm not around here much these days... most of my friends catch up with my day to day life on facebook but I do have a few friends only in blogland whom I miss....

A low down on the girls:

Maddie is doing really well. Her asthma is very well controlled right now. She is convinced she is a big kid. She is a complicated little mix of tom boy, and affectionate much ball. She is extremely helpful to both Seth and I; I probably depend on her more than I even realize.

Eden is getting to a big girl as well. I think Maddie has sort of always been a big girl but Eden was a wittle bitty toddler for a bit longer. But as she nears her 4th birthday, I kind of want to freeze time and keep her little a while longer. She may have been the cutest toddler/preschooler on the planet.

Leila is a hand full! She is also very funny and clever, and literally cracks me up with her mannerisms and how she interacts with everyone. She shrugs her shoulders and tilts her head in the funnest of ways. She is a CLIMBER though and has the bruises to match. She falls off of something at least once a day. That is terrible, I know!! *sigh*

In other news, my husband had a snow sledding activity planned for today but it wound up being a MUD slidding activity instead. lol But I'm not complaining a bit about this ultra mild winter.

I had the opportunity to photograph 2 adorable newborns last week and LOVED it. It's difficult in some ways, takes lots of time and patience, both for the shoot and later in photoshop, but I really really loved it. I kinda of missed the babies once they left. =) Anyway, I would like to develop this hobby into a part time business if possible, so I have created a facebook page and a pathetic looking blogsite that needs a lot of work, but is at least a source of information for anyone interested in having portraits taken.