Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Do you remember me?

So let me introduce myself:

I'm Kayte. I'm a once faithful blogger who has completely forsaken her blog and blogger friends. I feel badly...sometimes. But I also sometimes think it's okay- I keep up with most people via facebook or email. But just in case you're missing random, mundane updates from me, here you go!

  • Very busy summer. I probably always say this but this one really was BUSY. June we had 2 seniors graduate from the church academy and then Seth immediately left for summer camp leaving me and the girls home with a car rental (yeah for a CD player!!!) and more time than we knew what to do with. Something about leaving me home alone with the girls results in trips to all the expensive places we normally don't go to. So we hit up Chuckee Cheeses and Rough-n-Tumble and had a great week but were SUPER glad when Dad got home.

Then we went a family conference in July together and had a crazy great time. Then a couple weeks later, youth conference in CT, which I came along for and drove the girls around CT to thrift stores and IKEA and Starbucks. I also had lots of great fellowship with a certain teenage girl at the hotel and on the car ride.... the car ride during which got trapped in a heavy heavy rain storm on the way home and I couldn't see 2 inches in front of the car. That was not a fun part. Everything else was great.

And in between, we've had sick girlies, revival meetings at church, school record keeping at the church (you should see what 18 years of student work books looks like!), a couple trips to Syracuse (an hour away) for my Mom's doctor, the state fair and Chipotle. I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of stuff but what we did NOT do that we had planned to do:

School work (I really did intend on finishing up the work Maddie stopped half way through at the end of the year.....)

Family camping trip. No time. No money. We're hoping the girls have forgotten. Don't say the "c" word around them.

Visits to the park. But fall is upon us and still a nice time to get outside more.

  • Photography biz growing steady. See for my recent sessions. I love it. It's hard work. It's all the "extra" I can manage right now. Hence the major neglect of the blog.

I think that is all the family has been up to. Seems like a lot more but when you actually type it out, I don't know where the last few months have gone! As usual, I'm looking forward to school starting purely because I love the routine. I love summer too. I LOVE warm weather and all the crazy trips and adventures are fun and break up the routine that does get tiresome by the end of the school year. But I love fall. I'm not looking forward to what comes AFTER fall but we'll just forgot about that for now.

Maddie is going into 1st grade this year and is very much looking forward to getting back to school work. She asks several times during the summer to do school work but I just didn't follow through. ={ She will get to join the other academy students at school 3 days a week and then will be home with me 2 days. I'm thrilled for her to get to do that- she's so excited. And I'm looking forward to more time to devote to Eden's pre school.

Eden is her same girly silly self. She just learned the meaning of the word "emotional" the other day. It was ironic to Seth and I that the word the suits her to a tee was one she wasn't familiar with.

Leila is 22 months and talks really well. She gets frustrated quickly so I'm working on training her to use that new found vocabulary to express herself rather than yelling. Although I have to admit it's humorous to listen to her scold her older sisters. She's like a little {impatient} parrot.

Me: Maddie please come here. 
Leila: MAD-DEEEEEEE!!! NOW!!!!
As for me, I'm like most moms of little ones: tired and not sure I'm doing anything well. =) I'm on a(nother) organizational kick. I give myself an A on keeping up with the daily stuff like dishes and laundry. I'm like a laundry freak. I do it constantly and never have a pile looming over me. But I'm totally slacking on the deeper cleaning things and find myself with items hanging around with no place to go. Can you believe I JUST bought a mail sorter? All this time I've been annoyed at the pile of mail sitting, getting shoveled, lost, etc on the kitchen counter. I needed an hour long session on pinterest to finally realize- DUH. Mail sorter. So I bought a cute magnetic one at Target for $10 and feel enormously victorious every time I see it and the bills nested safely in it.
So that is all for now. Am I talking to myself at this point?