Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hello... anybody there?

I'm not around here much these days... most of my friends catch up with my day to day life on facebook but I do have a few friends only in blogland whom I miss....

A low down on the girls:

Maddie is doing really well. Her asthma is very well controlled right now. She is convinced she is a big kid. She is a complicated little mix of tom boy, and affectionate much ball. She is extremely helpful to both Seth and I; I probably depend on her more than I even realize.

Eden is getting to a big girl as well. I think Maddie has sort of always been a big girl but Eden was a wittle bitty toddler for a bit longer. But as she nears her 4th birthday, I kind of want to freeze time and keep her little a while longer. She may have been the cutest toddler/preschooler on the planet.

Leila is a hand full! She is also very funny and clever, and literally cracks me up with her mannerisms and how she interacts with everyone. She shrugs her shoulders and tilts her head in the funnest of ways. She is a CLIMBER though and has the bruises to match. She falls off of something at least once a day. That is terrible, I know!! *sigh*

In other news, my husband had a snow sledding activity planned for today but it wound up being a MUD slidding activity instead. lol But I'm not complaining a bit about this ultra mild winter.

I had the opportunity to photograph 2 adorable newborns last week and LOVED it. It's difficult in some ways, takes lots of time and patience, both for the shoot and later in photoshop, but I really really loved it. I kinda of missed the babies once they left. =) Anyway, I would like to develop this hobby into a part time business if possible, so I have created a facebook page and a pathetic looking blogsite that needs a lot of work, but is at least a source of information for anyone interested in having portraits taken.



♥ Amy said...

Here's hoping I'm one of those "only in Blogland" friends that you miss. (And in real life, if one of us could get motivated to pack everyone up and drive all the way over, right? ;) I do miss hearing from you and get excited each time I see that you have posted.
I can match up one of my girlies with each of yours. I have a "too quickly grown up" girl. Elisabeth was straining to be bigger from the time she could talk. And then I think my Sarah was my cutest toddler on the planet ever (although it was a pretty close race - I LOVE that age!) And I've had more than my share of climbers in the household. Nina (my 4th) was my first real climber and I was in awe at what she would tackle. And then Kimmy, Beka, Caleb, and now Andrew. They just never were content to keep their feet on the ground. Bethany almost killed herself trying, very ungracefully, to keep up with Kimmy. Then my last three in a row! I told Andrew from the beginning that he was going to be content to SIT, lol. Then again, I'm glad that he will be able to keep up with Caleb somewhat. I'll probably find them hanging from the trees most days.
Glad to hear that Maddie's asthma is doing well. Sarah's is the worst it has ever been. She's had me worried this week. She is on day 4 of a round of Prednesone and still is not feeling well. Now I'm wondering about maybe an infection. Chris is threatening to get rid of our cat and all the older ones are worried. It's just a guess, though.
Well, can you tell I'm feeling housebound and lonely? Ha! Have a great weekend, my friend!
Love, Amy

P.S. Good for you, spreading out with your photography. You are doing great so far! Here is a great link for newborn photography: (The pin won't open for me right now, but I'm sure you can find it.)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I am just wondering why you spell your name Kayte on this blog but Kate on your new business blog? I've been following your blog for a little while and think you have the most adorable kidlets and always liked the more unique spelling of your name.

Kayte said...

@Anonymous, I've gone by Kayte (Katie) most of my life- my mom choose the spelling. But I decided to go with Kate, which is also a nick name some call me, because I wanted it to be easy for people to spell and find my site. I didn't want to miss a potential client who was looking for Kayte McCoy but typed Katie McCoy. Just a choice for simplicity. I'm happy to be called either Kayte or Kate.

Jenn said...

Hey, Kate! Guess what?...I've awarded you the Liebster Blog Award : ) Okay, you've probably never heard of it, but check out my blog and read all about it. Thanks for being wonderfully creative and sharing your talent with the world.