Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pictures of recent going on's...

My girls at church last Sunday
Eden administering some rather rough diaper changes to all her "babies".

The girls, along with their buddy, Lexi after their very first Sunday School class.
(Can you tell that Maddie likes her "new" coat? Won't take the thing off! It was a great garage sale find!)

I think she had fun! =)
And the belly.
(Amy, do you see your print in the background? ♥)



Michelle said...

Cute pictures!

(I'm patting your pregnant belly in my head and you can't stop me!:P)

You still look pretty tiny to me. Are you SURE you are only 30 days from your due date?

stacy said...

You look gorgeous! Makes me miss being pregnant. (just a little)

Jamiee said...

Awww My goodness look at big Edens gotten and that hair!!!! Kayte I really need some updated pics of the girls please!!! If you just send them to Walmart I can pick them up and pay for them myself. I miss them so much!! Much hugs to all