Thursday, May 26, 2011

Enjoying "these" days

We're having a nice hot day here. I'm loving it... flip flops and light clothes. I love dressing Leila in some of her cute summer dresses, letting her soft rolls get some air. Her bare feet making their way into her mouth. Three separate times today, as I ran some errands with the girls in tow, I got remarks like "All yours?" or "All girls?". Almost every time my husband and I attract attention for our little brood of cuties, we get the same admonition: Enjoy those days. They go fast.

And they sure do. It's amazing that Maddie is the tall 4 year old little girl she is. And Eden... she's hardly a baby anymore. Leila was JUST born. I still have her hospital bracelet on the kitchen window sill.

I do try to consciencely enjoy these precious days of cuddles and owies and naps (love those actually...) and story books, ponytails, sippy cups, baby dolls, and w's instead of r's. It does go by so fast.

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raising4princesses said...

so very true. And then comes the question, "are you gonna try for a boy?" Heard it so many times. Have a beautiful day!
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