Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bible Quiz 3 ~ Gotta prize for the winner!

1. In order to be the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven, you need to be _____________.

2. Who did Jesus call the greatest man born of a woman?

3. Fill in the verse: "And now abideth ______, _______, and _________, these three; but the greatest of these is __________."

4. Job was the greatest man in the east. How many yoke of oxen did he have?

5. What is the greatest among the herbs?

To re-cap the rules:
Since I have no way of monitoring whether or not you look answers up in your Bible, it is obviously allowed. If you're looking to challenge yourself, try answering without. Either way, cracking open that big black book (or brown, as mine is!) is never a bad thing. I use the King James version, so will be referring to that for correct answers.

The first person to enter the correct answers is the winner. This week, I have a prize for such a person:
I'll announce the winner on Tuesday, as well as allow every one's comments to be visible. So be ready to email me your mailing address if you suspect you're the winner winner chicken dinner!!!

This is an enjoyable book, and was fascinating to contemplate. I'm always a bit skeptical about "coming back from Heaven (or Hell)" stories but this one was really an encouraging account and just a good reminder that there is a real place, one which is so spectacular we can not even comprehend it, waiting for us one day. The book was sent to me from a dear friend and I've loaned it out to share with a few people and want to pass it along for someone else to enjoy.

If the winner happens to be outside of the US, I will try to send the prize to you. If it costs a million dollars to ship (or anywhere in that ball park) I'll need to do something else for ya. But I will do something.


Jennifer Dapice said...

Hey, Kayte, Glad to hear you are making the Hart's Hill Biible quiz a nation wide phenomenon! I read that book recently. The thing that really got me was the little boy saying "Daddy, Jesus REALLY loves the children." It has helped me in my mom role for sure.

missionary mama said...

1. Humble (I guessed right, and then double checked ;)

2. John the Baptist

3. faith, hope,

4. 500 (I had no clue on this one)

5. mustard seed (this one either!)

This was fun! Thanks! (Oh, and I think e-sword is my new best friend! ha)

♥elisabeth joy♥ said...

Ok... here goes... Answer 1. A little child? Answer 2. John the Baptist. Answer 3. Faith, Hope, Charity, Charity. Answer 4. 1000. Answer 5. Mustard seed. (That was a hard one, I've never thought of mustard as an herb. lol) Crossing my fingers that these are right. :D