Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bible Quiz 1 Answers

Okay so not many takers on this quiz. You either didn't want to leave your answers in the comments for fear you are wrong. Or it's just a dumb idea and you don't want to play. So I'll take my ball and go home. Wait... there is no ball involved.

Either way, here are the answers:

1. How many friends came to comfort Job?


2. How many men were in Gideon's army?


3. How many altars did Balaam tell Balak to build?


4. How many chapters are in the book of Daniel?

5. How many lepers went into the Syrian army's camp and found it empty?


So how'd you do? Some were easy... or at least would be easy if you've seen a few Veggie Tales videos. =) Some were hard. All easily found by looking it up in your Bible. Except. #3, which was a little obscure. It's in Numbers 23:1.



♥elisabeth joy♥ said...

Yeah!!! I had one right. :D I wasn't sure if looking them up was cheating or not.. well actually I was to lazy to... :D Could you do easier ones next week? jk

Kayte said...

Easier, no!! You can handle it, I'm sure. I'm told you're like an adult now... don't 18 yr. olds know EVERYTHING? lol Just kiddin'

You don't know everything til you're 27.

Just kidding again.

My husband say it's 29.

I think he's just kidding.

Anyway, looking them up is not cheating. It's a GOOD thing. If you know you're Bible well enough to have an idea WHERE to look, you're still a winner. And the real winner is the FIRST to get the right answers. =) I'll have to clarify next Sunday. =)

♥elisabeth joy♥ said...

Haha ok I'll try again. :D

And I dont know who said 18 yr. olds were "adults" but they must have been 16. :D I don't feel any different than when I was 17. lol