Thursday, April 1, 2010

Progress Report

I have been a busy girl this week! Among other things, I worked on the girls' new room at the "new" house. It was a lot of fun to do, and overall I am happy with how it came out. I love the green color on the walls for sure. The artwork is not perfect but (as I always comfort myself by saying) neither is nature! It's perfectly imperfect!

And I'll just put furniture over the parts I don't like. ☺

The inspiration for the girls' room was this CD jacket. It's a great CD too!

The bathroom right now. Notice the lack of a commode. Luckily, my in laws house is very nearby. The good news is that all the plumbing is FINALLY done, the sub floor is in and the window is a goner. Why do so many houses have big windows right in the shower? Scary.

Hey look! That ghastly purple color is all GONE! A nice boring beige is in its place.

I cleaned out the linen closet today (and ripped out all the old contact paper). It's built around the chimney so it's very very deep. Not sure how to best utilize this space...?

Hey, where is my flat head screw driver?
Is this it?
No, no! That's Dad's. Where's MINE?
I have no idea why there is such tool confusion. Obviously, we are as organized as a navy ship. This is just one of the piles growing in various nooks around the house.

This was my idea: Put the tub right in the kitchen. I can leisurely soak while cooking dinner, or confine the children in it while I get stuff down. We should all put tubs in our kitchens.
My nephew doing is favorite new activity: dumpster diving. Ewww.

My mother in law painting a door

And last but certainly NOT least: perhaps the most vital part to a successful remodel: Franco's Pizza on speed dial.

Oh and completely unrelated but Maddie went to junior church for the first time last night. She had a great time. I'll post pictures soon. For now, I is too tired. Too tired to say "am" instead of "is."



Chad and Jessica's Family said...

the room looks great. I could not do that in a million years. So girly!!! Hey is that cd kjv and word for word? Thanks!!!! HOw is baby? :)


Mrs. Reverend Doctor said...

that wall looks fab! You need to come and do all mine now

Kayte said...

Jessica, yes it's def. KJV and I'm pretty sure it's word for word. It's from Gospel Light Baptist Church Pastor Eric Capaci and he is straight "down the line" on all that stuff.

Baby is good... popping out little by little. 2D ultra sound next Thurday!!!!!

stacy said...

Love the girl's room! So cute!

Lishak said...

I LOVE your girl's room! It's gorgeous! :)

Korina said...

I WISH I could do that kind of painting/drawing type work! You did a GREAT Job!! I'll have to keep you in mind if I ever need something done ;)

jennstar said...

The girls room IS beautiful! Everything is looking so good... we know a little how much work reno's are!
What are you going to do for kitchen cabinets (that is besides the tub)? ;)

Tonya said...

The wall looks great! I love your quote..perfectly imperfect! That's perfect!
Blessings to you as you continue on The Great Remodel!

Holly said...

Love the girls room! You did a great job!