Saturday, April 17, 2010

Random Saturday Stuff

It's a rainy Saturday afternoon here. My wonderful husband delayed starting his day's work for an hour or two so that I could get some extra rest this morning. Other wives may want diamonds or stainless steel pots and pans... I just want to sleep in!!!

So here is some random stuff on my mind today:

• I am in full force un-decorating our home and packing our lives up into boxes. I did not keep my resolution of one box a day. I found that doing several boxes at once was more effective for me, and not doing some for a few days while I clean and organize for another round of packing boxes. I have been doing oodles of cleaning and laundering all curtains and rugs. The amount of dust I have unearthed is disgusting. I am ashamed of my house keeping! All this time I thought I had a fairly clean home! Nothing like a move to reveal how much junk and how much dirt is hiding from plain sight!

As I un-decorate, I am musing over how my decorating tastes have changed over the years. Our first little home, we mistakenly bought an ultra- modern couch and chair set. I had been advised not to spend money on furnishing during the first year of marriage since most couples do not yet know their tastes. But I did not listen. We owned the set for about two weeks before we knew without a doubt that we hated it. *sigh* So when we moved into our current home, I bought a slip cover for it and went the opposite end of the spectrum: very traditional. In the end, our home was so traditional, it felt stuffy and formal to me. I have finally, after 6 years, realized that I like a blend of modern and traditional. I want a home that is comfortable, not just pretty. So with a "new" house, I try again! =)

• I enjoyed a few hours of my mom's babysitting of the girls (thanks, Mom!!) so that I could go get my hair cut. Feels so good!!! I am forsaking hi lights for a while to give my hair and my budget a break. I usually feel like my skin looks really pale when I go back to my natural color but this time I like it. I guess it was time. ;)

• Morning sickness has subsided a great deal. I do have my moments through out the day but it is not an all day problem and usually can be helped by a snack and a few minutes of relaxing. I've also been taking extra vitamin B, in addition to my prenatal vitamin. This has made a big difference I believe.

• I am planning on experimenting with essential oils. This post from my friend, Amy at Daily Pleasures was so informative and I can not wait to order a set of oils for our home and family. I'll let you know how I like them in a few months!

• I would really like a warm chocolate cookie right now.


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Joyful Blessings said...

If I had not already promised all my oils to Alexandria I would of sent them all to you ASAP, but she is so excited about getting them. We bought them on a close out sale at Body and Bath 6 years ago I think. Fun to make things out of them.