Tuesday, April 13, 2010

If you are craving chocolate milk....

...please come and visit my restroom!

Wait... something about that statement sounds weird.

What I am meaning to say is that although this paint color is called "Lindhurst Timber", we have decided to re-name it "Chocolate Milk". It just suits it perfectly. This is only one coat, and I'm sure its too dark for some people but... I actually really like it! Yeah! I was SOOOOOO close to going with a much darker shade but at the very last second went with this one, the lighter of the two I was debating between. It dried so much darker than the sample seemed! I'm very glad I did NOT get the darker one!

Then this post would be called, "If you are feeling suicidal, please don't visit my bathroom because it will push you over the edge!"

I think I am suffering from a case of severely warped humor. It runs in my family; I can't help it.

Anyway, what do you think?

And yes, we are considering putting a toilet, and even a vanity in here. Some day.

The vinyl floor should be put down soon, and it has lots of warm brown and tan hues so I think it's going to look nice. To save some money, the vanity is white instead of wood finish. And the sink top is a carmel toned "marble-like" material. ;)

If there is any area of carpentry that Seth is lacking in experience and know how, it is mudding dry wall, as he would say himself. But I have to say, he did a fabulous job in the bathroom! I couldn't even see the seams after just one coat of paint.

I couldn't get a decent picture of the ceiling but it is also fabulous. It's white bead board. I love bead board, as you will know without a doubt once the kitchen is done.

Speaking of kitchen, this is the kitchen and dinning room floor at the moment. It's a STICKY situation.

I mean literally: it's STICKY! All that stuff you see is glue. Glue that must be cleaned off before a new vinyl floor can be put down.

We've been meeting a few neighbors as they are out working on lawns and catch us coming or going. So far, the neighbors are elderly folk who are thrilled to have a young family moving in. Hopefully, they are still happy about it after a summer of little girls happily shrieking while they run in the back yard!



Korina said...

*LOVE* the color! Its definitely "chocolate Milk" colored. :D

The Doll Family said...

Ohhhh....I LOVE the brown!!!!

Joyful Blessings said...

I love the color Kayte, I just love that house. That is a really popular color right now that chocolate, lighter is better I think too. Great job Seth McCoy.:-)

jennstar said...

I really like that color! I painted a similar color in our dining room and master bedroom. It is such a warm, cozy, comfortable color. I thought it was extreme when I first painted it, but now I would go with a darker color. I guess it grows on you. :)