Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Now its time to say good bye....

to all our company. M.I.C.....K.E.Y. ..... M.O.U.S.E.

I may have had a teeny weeney bit too much caffeine today.

Well... it's our last night in this house. As excited as I am about our new home and all the great things about it, I am going to miss this house a wee bit. We've lived here for 5 yrs. Its where we brought home our sweet little girls. There are lots of memories here for sure. I know that we will make many memories in our new home too. I know that because I am not moving again for at least 25 years. I mean it.

So the next time you hear from me will be when our Internet is reconnected. My hubby leaves town RIGHT after our move. ARGH!!!!!!!!!! And with no counter top in the kitchen, which means no sink and not even a microwave.... me and the girls shall be dining out. Ah shucks. Life sure is hard, huh?

Meanwhile I am heading off to bed where instead of sleeping I will probably think of a list of 76 things I need to do before we close the door to this house for the last time. And then I will conjure up ways to convince Seth to let me drive the U-Haul truck. Suddenly, that sounds like the funnest thing in the whole big wide world.

Nighty-night!! =)



Mrs. Julie Fink said...

Happy Moving to you! Looking forward to hearing more about your new place.

JesseTaraMcCoyandgang said...

Let me know if you are gonna be driving, so we can be sure we are off the roads then!
Man, you're dangerous enough in a minivan! :D

~Amy~ said...

Good luck with your move! Enjoy eating out. I can't wait to see pics of your house all decorated!