Friday, April 16, 2010


... will celebrate her second birthday next month. Can you believe it?

... receives "oooohhs" and "aaahhhs" over her bright red hair from strangers at every single outing we take.

... likes to sing and be sung to. "Gin, Mama!" translates to "Sing it again, Mama!"

... laughs easily. Sometimes for no reason at all! ☺ She catches jokes and silly things in her books and lets out big hearty laughs.

... gives wonderfully tight hugs and loves to rest her cheek next to mine. She is an expert cuddler.

.... is not one to sit and listen to a story being read. She would rather talk about the pictures, then move onto the next book.

... is talking all the time now. Full sentences, most of which can be understood.

... will eat a wide variety of foods. Cranberry sauce, olives, lettuce, prunes, broccoli... all sorts of foods most kids detest. She gobbles 'em up gleefully! But she wants nothing to do with Cheetos! (A good thing!)

... loves to brush her teeth... but does not like Mama's help. But she gets it anyway. ☻

... carries a purse, sometimes two, with her everywhere she goes. She sleeps with her baby doll and is afraid of the dark already.

... will not tolerate a soggy diaper under any circumstances, and shows a lot of interest in potty training. In fact, she usually does her "other" business on the toilet anyway. But I am putting off actual potty training because I don't think she can refrain from wetting her diaper quite yet.

... actually likes to have a bow or barrette in her hair. She'll bring them to me and request I put it back it if it falls out.

... is getting big so so fast.



The Doll Family said...

She is beautiful...they grow so fast!

Jamiee said...

I miss them terribly! I was thinking that the other day how Eden Grace will be 2 already! Maddie and her are growing up too fast. It beings tears to my eyes everytime I read something about them or look at there pics. I love those girls dearly and wish we could visit you guys.

Anonymous said...

She sits on my lap and lets me read to her, but she does like a good old fashioned book discusson. She has a beautiful mind. Not a bias opinion even if I am NANA!