Friday, April 30, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We're all moved in! With help like this, you know it went well!
I think we may have had the smoothest moving day ever. By dinner time, we were completely unpacked, other than decorative items and the kitchen. The kitchen isn't yet finished so we have to wait on that. And my family is perfectly happy to live off of sandwiches and cereal! For a while anyway!

I feel utterly spoiled.
Spoiled to live in this house. Spoiled to have it fixed up just how I wanted it. Spoiled to have so much help moving. Spoiled to have Seth's family stay all day to unpack with us and cheerfully put everything in just the right places. Spoiled to have gone to get a massive brownie sundae when we called it a day.

Spoiled. That's how I feel.
I am posting before and after pictures of the remodel so you can see the changes we made. I feel a little hesitate in posting so much about our house because I feel like I am bragging a bit. If anything though, I am bragging on God for blessing and providing for us so well, and on my husband and in laws for all their hard work. I do hope that I am not causing anyone to feel at all discontented with their own home or situation. I don't deserve such a nice home. I am really the most "at home" in a trailer with 70ish wall paper! =) It puts me in the mood to sing "The Brady Bunch" theme song. Although we did some more involved remodeling, the most dramatic changes were paint... which is about $40 for a room... and the most inexpensive floor covering we could find. We searched for months to find vinyl flooring for cheap prices in designs we liked. Now, when the girls realize that I have pulled into a home improvement store of any kind, they start complaining. They are so sick of looking at samples with me! =) Maddie literally says, as soon as we load up in the van, "I don't want to go to Lowe's, Mom!"

We slept really well in our new home last night. We had thought the girls may have a tough time but we were all so exhausted that I think we could have slept in a subway station in NY city.

On a funny note, I was looking through some verses about "home" and came across this one. I shall leave you with this delightful thought:

"Then thou shalt bring her home into thine house, and she shall shave her head..."

There's one idea for a house warming party!

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Beth said...

Wow! I'm so impressed that you've gotten almost everything unpacked! We moved into this house a month ago and are still unpacking. I can't believe all of the "stuff" (aka junk) that we have!