Sunday, May 2, 2010

Child Labor

You have already been introduced to our work crew for our recent remodel and move. Obviously, a very able bodied group... check out the red headed guy on the end. WOW. Look at those muscles. It must be due to how well hydrated they keep themselves.... notice the second guy to the left. He won't even stop drinking for the picture.
Our two most involved workers:

This one was relentless about her painting duties. We literally couldn't keep the paint brushes out of her hands.

They were assets when it came to heavy lifting:

And this one always worked with a smile on her face:

Sometimes though, it felt like they weren't carrying their own weight.

You might even say they were free loaders.

But since they were always keeping an eye out for bad guys to shoot, we kept them around.

They were careful to test their work.

Here they are undertaking the important responsibility of ensuring the cabinets were study.

Their best quality is that they literally do "work for food". Specifically, ice cream.

If you would like to hire our crew, they are currently available. Well, after their nap time is over, of course.


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