Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Birthday Pictures

This is Eden on Sunday while family sang "Happy Birthday!" to her. You can tell how much she likes the attention, huh?! She is so different from Madison when it comes to people looking at her... Maddie, even at her 3rd birthday, was cowering into Daddy's shoulder as we sang. But Eden relishes being the center of the attention. When we go to story time at the book store, she often goes up onto the platform and sits next to the person reading and just smiles at the crowd. I'm very glad that she is so extroverted because with that hair of hers, she sure gets a lot of comments from strangers every single time we go out.

She has a tendency to stick her tongue out... I actually think she knows she cute and just hams it up! She certainly gives it a try when she's caught being naughty!

Speaking of being naughty, I've been half joking that the girls are on a mission to burn down our new house. In the past week, they have taken a red marker to the new white kitchen cabinets, taken a green crayon to the window sill in their bedroom, pour juice on the end table in the living to "clean it" and (this is really gross) Maddie striped Eden of all clothes and diaper, put her on the ottoman to go potty, then pour urine onto the brand new carpet. That one probably took a year or so off of my life span.

Then today, they truly proved that they are trying to burn down the house. Our kitchen in only about half done. We've been sort of camping out, thus I have two open boxes of kitchen stuff sitting in the dining room. Buried deep in the box was a box of matches. I found the girls hiding behind the drapes with their hands full of matches.

*sigh* Its a good thing they are so cute. And its a good thing they take naps! The house couldn't take it if they didn't!


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jennstar said...

What a doll! She sure has a sparkle in her eye!