Monday, May 24, 2010

Cast your vote!

On Thursday the 27th, we have an ultra sound scheduled!! We hope to discover our little peanut's gender so.....

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This is such fun for me!! Seth and I usually have a little wager between us as we prepare for the big 18- 20 wk. ultrasound concerning our guesses for gender but neither one of us can commit to a choice! ☺ Part of me is convinced its a girl, while part of me thinks it really could be a boy.

One thing is for sure: If its not a girl, it will be a boy.

Is it any wonder that I must blog? How would the world get along without my deep intellect.

So if you need more detail to calculate your opinions, here are some tid bits of info related to old wives tales about detecting the baby's sex, just for fun:

I'm carrying high and round. Girl?

I have no real cravings... just food. Every 2 hours. If there is any food that always sounds good to me, its salad. So that is a toss up!

I feel the best I ever have while pregnant. Boy?

My skin is super duper dry.... some say it means its a boy.

I like to sleep on my right side, so that supposedly means a girl.

According to a Mayan belief, if you take the mommy's age and the year of conception and add them together, if the result is an even number, it is a girl. If it is odd, its a boy. If that is the case, its a girl.

Baby's heart rate is in the 130s so I think that means boy, right?

My skin is pretty clear so... boy.

So if you actually put any stock in these silly old wives tales, you must be quite torn in your decision right now! And NO, it is not twin boy and girl! Despite what my pesky brother in law insists, there is only one babe in this bump.

I will be sure to let you all know, presuming Baby cooperates! Maddie is going to come along with us to the appointment and she is so excited!!

Maybe soon you can expect a poll about names... =)



Jenn said...

Oh I am so excited for you guys!!! So what time is this sono? What time will you be revealing the gender?? we all need to know so we can tune in!!!

JesseTaraMcCoyandgang said...

I'm saying girl.

don't let the old wives tales fool ya ~ Everything with Tucker pointed to girl until a nagging little feeling said to wait and make sure.

Gunner, alot of "stuff" pointed to girl, until we had our ultrasound and something was pointing at us saying HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Kristina Auclair said...

just came over to your blog from Amy Senecals. Have enjoyed reading. I had two girls and then a boy and then a vote is boy:) was ecstatic when I found that out and my hubby well lets just say he tried to stay calm:)

Kayte said...

Jenn, the appt. is early afternoon so you can expect to hear from me that evening, or sooner if I can get a chance.

Kristina, that girl, girl, boy, girl pattern has been on my mind during this pregnancy... just seems so likely for some reason! I think if this one is a boy, for the next one, I MIGHT refrain from learning the gender on an u/s and let ourselves be surprised at birth. If I already had boy and girl clothes, I may be able to be patient enought to manage that.... but maybe not!

Korina said...

aww yay! U get to find out on my birthday!! :D I can't wait to hear!!