Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, Eden Grace!!!

My little Strawberry Shortcake (who actually isn't short at all for her age) turns 2 years old today.

This overly cheesy grin was displayed while she opened her little gift from Mommy, Daddy and Madison.
And now for a walk down memory lane....
May 7, 2008 at 4:05 pm
6 lb.s 8 oz.s
20 inches long

Seth was thrilled by the fact that she was born in the daytime and not in the middle of the night like Maddie. I was thrilled to have her born. She was induced 3 wks. early due to some minor complications but I was one miserable woman for the entire last month. She was healthy and she was OUT. Who cares what time of day!!!?!!!
Her only "preemie behavior" was that she was excessively sleepy. I could NOT get her to wake up to eat AT ALL for 4 days. I ended up putting expressed milk in a medicine dopper and trickling it down her throat to get something in her. Obviously, things improved but it was bit stressful for a few days.

Maddie was amused by the moving baby doll when she noticed her but for the most part, she still was convinced that the world revolved around her. At 19 months. what else could be expected of her? ♥

Eden's hair has been red from day one, though the curls didn't show themselves until it grew past this duck feather stage.

She was a happy easy baby. She traveled with me to youth conferences and youth activities all summer long. She nursed in some very uncomfortable places! But she and I both enjoyed having the opportunity to sit and cuddle during all the preaching services. She was a perfect baby for take along trips... she was quiet and sleep fairly well at night.

Her first Christmas:

And thankfully, eventually, her hair did grow!!

The name "Eden" means "delightful" and it truly suits her well! We are so thankfully for our little sweet heart!



raising3princesses said...

She's adorable! It's such a delight having delightful daughters! You look so beautiful in the picture in the pink sweater! - Maria

Mrs. Julie Fink said...

You are such a pretty mommy and your little girls are adorable!

Kayte said...

You two are making my head swell by the second! ;)

Katie said...

Happy Birthday to one precious little gift from God!

And you do look lovely in the pink sweater ... what a glowing new momma!

I laughed about "nursing in some very uncomfortable places". :) I have often thought about writing a book entitled "O, The Places I Have Nursed" :)

jennstar said...

Your girls are lovely, Kayte. Eden looks like such a little character!
I was laughing (and groaning) over your scare with the girl's going to Grandma's house by themselves. I think every Mama has had at least one of those (and one is too many!). Hope you are feeling well - and Happy Mother's Day!

Lishak said...

Love the bow! She's so beautiful. Happy Birthday, Eden!