Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baby Girl Ultrasound Pictures

Here she is! I know its small but you're looking at (clockwise) a hand, a straight on face shot, a foot and a profile shot.

We saw her yawning (cute!) and bouncing all around. The tech kept commenting on how active she is, which relieved me. I have felt hardly any movement whatsoever. With previous babies, I was definitely feeling movement all throughout the day by this point. I actually started feeling Maddie at 14 weeks, which is apparently pretty early. So I was getting a little concerned by the lack of activity I was feeling, but we learned today that the placenta is "in front", acting as a shock absorber for fetal movement. Good to know!

Everything looked just as it should. She is a whole 11 ounces! How it is that I have gained... well never mind about that... it's more than 11 ounces though! =) Really, it is sort of weird how I gain pregnancy weight. I gained a solid 8-9 pounds before I even knew I was pregnant. We had taken Maddie and Eden to the museum and I got on the scale to see what I would weigh on Mars. Before finding that out, the machine graciously told me what I weigh on Earth. How thoughtful of it... :/ Seth saw what the number was and we both looked at each other and shrugged. Too many french fries? A few days later.... I knew the real reason! But since that first month, I have only gained 3 pounds. One per month. I am just rebelling against those charts that tell you what to gain and when!

We took Maddie with us, which she was both excited about and also disappointed about not staying home to play with Nana. She was very good while we waited and is becoming such a friendly little person. The ultra sound tech was very pleased to have Maddie in the room with us, especially since that same tech had performed several ultra sounds for us when Maddie was the baby in the womb!

Maddie had a million questions about... um... everything. Why are the lights out? Why is Mommy lying down? Why is the baby gray? Seth and her chatted the whole time while I kept my eyes on the screen. As far as the baby's appearance, Maddie thought she had a big head. She momentarily thought that the baby must be a boy since it had such short hair, but then we reminded her of all the newborn baby girls we've known who also had short hair. Even SHE once had short hair. Gasp! he he he

When we got home, Maddie was given the privilege of telling Nana if she had a new brother or a new sister.

A sister.

As far as names... I am still undecided about whether I want to share our choice... when we have one. Which we don't. Seth did not want to even discuss it until this ultra sound (and knowing the gender). So now begins the 5 month long badgering process. He tends to not like my suggestions (at least the first several times I mention them) but he does not want to give his own suggestions. I've learned though that if I start off with really unique names (I was going for "Dallas" for a little while LOL) then something like "Eden Grace" sounds much more normal and acceptable to him. =) So give me your suggestions of totally out there names for me to start with... then in a little while when I say what I really would like, they will sound great to him!

I'm really considering keeping the final two picks a secret until after she is born. I think I'm going to need to see this baby before knowing if she is a Dallas or a LaFawnda. ;)



stacy said...

Yeah! It's a girl! I love girls! (just don't tell my boys that)
I was given some great advice with my first baby- don't tell ANYONE what the name is until after the baby is born, then people are less likely to give your opinion. Some still do anyway. :p
When I was pregnant with Grace, I told many people that we chose the name Kissa because it means "born after twins" (she was, by the way, born after my twins so it did make sence.) Boy, I got some strange looks, and I didn't even think the name was all that bad.
What about something real old fashioned like Beatrice or Oleta? Just be careful... your husband might acually like one of your different names!

jen said...

Yay for another girl!
Names have been pretty simple for us. Our eldest was a jr~ no getting around that & Katie was set from the time I was a little girl dreaming of being a mommy. Her middle name was the difficulty & was never settled till she was actually on the way (4th pregnancy)
For the two middle boys Their middle names were already chosen(they are named after their grandfathers)I played around with names that went well with "Edward" & "Douglas". Then I gave Dale a list of four names I really liked & he chose the one he liked best. Those two lists were completely different BTW!
Have fun choosing! The girls you have been given have beautiful names although I might have to change my opinion if you name her Lawanda! ;-)

Mrs. Julie Fink said...

LaFwanda :). If I could have more girls to name I am sure I would name one Sophia another one Bella and then another one Lexi :). Looking forward to hearing what you will name her. I LOVE little girls! I am the oldest of six girls and the mother of two ♥

Anonymous said...

Heard this cute little girl name - Lindy.

Portraiture by AntoniaRenee said...

I always wanted a girl but the only babies that I got to carry to term were boys. So you may take my names if you like :)

Isabella {Bella}
Antonia {Nia}
Gabriella {Ella}

**And I always wanted to insert the middle name Claire :)

Congrats on your new little girl!

Kayte said...

We are really considering Claire or Clara for a middle name because Clara is my husbnad's grandma's middle name (Eunice Clara)!!!

Jamiee said...

Kate.. Claire Ann is pretty.. it would be after Seth grandmas after Grandma Lou Ann... Just a thought!