Saturday, April 24, 2010


Happy 60th Birthday!!!!
No, not mine. Had ya going there for a minute there, huh?
My mother in law turned 60 yrs. old last year and my father in law turned 60 a few weeks ago, so our family threw together a little surprise birthday party. Okay, "threw together" isn't exactly correct (as my sisters in law who did almost ALL the work could attest to) and with most of the church and some family present, it wasn't exactly little.
And no worries... it's okay to say my mother in law's age. When she lies about her age, she says she is 70 so people think she looks great for her age.
Truthfully, she doesn't really care. She's 60. But acts and looks younger. Sometimes I forget that she isn't in her 30s because the woman has more energy than I do.

So here was the clan tonight: 4 of the five McCoy children and their families, which include 11 of their 14 grandchildren (I included our little peanut in that grand total).

We had a nice time and ate an unreasonable amount of food. If my sister in law, Tara ever opens a catering business, you should all be her customers. She makes some mighty good eats!!! She also made a beautiful scrap book for my in laws, which I did not take pictures of, but it was very special.
Happy Birthdays, Mom & Dad McCoy! (Not that they ever read my blog! =P) When I grow up, I want to be just like you. ;)


Michelle said...

Great family picture!

Tell Brent he needs to look happier next time. :)

Anonymous said...

I see other bright redheads among the cousins!