Monday, March 29, 2010


Every Sunday, our family gathers at my in laws' house for dinner. There are usually 10 adults, 5 children and 4 babies.

My mother in law prepares everything and has it timed perfectly to all be hot and ready within a half an hour after the last "Amen" is said. Its a pretty amazing feat she under takes every week!

Yesterday, we had roast beef with about 8 side dishes. I got up to take these pictures during the frenzy of passing dishes and everyone getting their plate ready.

Typically, dessert is the responsibility of one of us "girls" (my two sisters in law and I) but since we had three weeks back to back of birthdays, and well... we just got lazy, we had no dessert yesterday. Somehow we survived.

Here are the three babies who sit at the table: (One baby is only 3 months old and he sleeps during dinner!)

My nephew Eli:

My nephew, Gunner (he looks like he could be Eden's twin, huh?)

And Eden, with her mouth full of food:

After we "girls" do the dishes and clean up (which let me tell you, takes a while!), Seth and I took our girls to a local flower shop which has an open house on Palm Sunday. They had an Easter Bunny to greet kids and give them a little craft project to take home, and these cute little ducklings. There was an elaborate pool and slide for the ducklings but apparently, they just wanted to cuddle and nap. I can relate.

In our evening service yesterday, a sweet lady got baptized and joined membership. She is such a warm person and I'm so happy to have her at our church!
We had a great Sunday! How about you?


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Mrs. Julie Fink said...

Your mother in law is an amazing woman and I have just now decided to become her biggest fan :). Enjoy your week.