Saturday, March 20, 2010

He's Baaa-Ack!!!

My Beloved is home! He arrived home yesterday evening and I am SOOOOOO glad to have him home.

I missed him like a man lost at sea misses land.

I missed him like a college freshman misses Mama's home cooking.

I missed him like an unprepared camper misses toilet paper.

I'm such a sentimental fool, aren't I?

Seth is, as you would know if you saw the GORGEOUS bouquet of red roses he sent me while he was gone. They are the most fragrant flowers I have ever received! Their aroma welcomes me every time I walk in the door.

The girls were ecstatic to run and jump into Daddy's arms. He is such an involved and engaged Dad that his presence is so badly missed when he is gone. I'm so thankful for a husband who sees parenting as a two person job.

Seth is my daily reminder of how God is so so good to me!!!


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