Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Survival Mode

That's what I am in!

I am, for all practical purposes, a single parent this week and as is the case whenever Daddy isn't around, the girls' behavior goes hay wire. I'm not sure why this phenomenon happens, but it is so apparent and drastic that I barely recognized them, or myself! It's puzzling because I think I am actually the stricter of the two parents in the McCoy house. Not MUCH stricter but I'm just with them more and therefore do most of the enforcing of the law.

So my motto these past few days has been "I do not negotiate with terrorists". If there is whining, disobedience, or heaven help us, an all out tantrum, consequences are swift and severe and all privileges and rewards denied. They have the resilience of Al Quada so there has not been a complete surrender but I do believe that I have more ammo in my artillery than they do.

Victory is eminent.

Now that I have sounded like the world's meanest mommy, I'll share some glimmer of cuteness that my little rebels have exhibited in the past few days.

As Maddie zipped up her pink, and very girly sweater, she said, "When I put this one, I am a MAN!!!" ("Man" was said with much gusto.)

Today I took the girls to browse at a maternity shop. While driving away, Maddie said, "I can't wait to have a baby in my belly when I'm a Mama!"

Eden has learned a new phrase: "Don't want to, Mom". Wait... that isn't cute at all, really. It pertains more to the rebellion. Well, I guess I'll just share more of Maddie's sayings.

While being tucked in for bed, I hear Maddie ask Seth, "So Dad, how do you like being a great Daddy?" Seth chuckled and before he could answer Maddie said to him, "And how do you think Mom likes being a great Mommy?"

So even with their recent boycott of obeying Mom, I think I'll still keep them. And at the absolute next opportunity, I am leaving them with Seth for hours and hours while I sit at Barnes and Nobles and drink coffee and read uninterrupted. And then I will miss them and come home to very happy girls who needed some Daddy time.

I should probably fill Seth in on my brilliant plan.



The Doll Family said...

I am alone this week too. My kids must be in league with yours AND terrorists, as well. :) I often tell them that it is a good thing they are cute! :)

Holly said...

LOL, the pink sweater comment!! SO funny!

jennstar said...

Love your terrorist statagy. It reminds me of something some great general said (could have been Napoleon or Alexander The Great...but my history-buff-son has already gone to bed so I can't ask who it really was...but it doesn't really matter who said it, I can still make a point), "The enemy is in front of us, the enemy is behind us, the enemy is to the right of us, the enemy is to the left of us. They can't get away this time!"
Good parenting statagem if you ask me...I am surrounded so victory can't be far off!

Joyful Blessings said...

Enjoy the peace, love the bookstore. If Maddie was in public pre school they would be telling her if she felt like a man it would be ok if she wanted to be one. Thank the Lord for Christian schools.