Friday, March 26, 2010

You know you are pregnant when...

... it takes you three times to get the spelling of "pregnant" correct.

... you cry while reading "Sleeping Beauty" to your little girl. I tell ya, that part when evil Maleficent puts a curse on Aurora just got to me! And then when the King and Queen had to let the three good fairies take their little baby to live far away from them, not to see her again for 16 years! OH!!!!!! I had to stop there.

... you just don't quite feel like yourself. That is me, big time. I think I'm typically a fairly energetic person. I'm not the pink bunny walking around beating a drum but I almost always feel like getting up and getting ready and am always itching to get out and do something; go somewhere. Accomplish something. Being behind in housework in an exception not the rule. But these days.... that is not the case, unfortunately. I look at items scattered about in my house and instead of getting up to put them away, I think I better make a mental note where that is... and where that is.

I took me about 3 days to muster up the endurance to change my sheets.

I just have absolutely no energy at all. To even return a simple phone call. To go the store and pick up a couple of things. To make pancakes for dinner.

Nope, its just not there.

But even while I am as lethargic as I think I have ever been in my life, I must admit that this pregnancy may actually be my easiest to date. Shhhh.... don't tell anyone... but....

do I dare say it? Could it even be true?

I'm not feeling too nauseated this week.

Hallelujah!!! And I don't say that jokingly; I really do feel so grateful to the Lord to not be crippled with nausea at every moment. It's a real blessing.

Who knows if this is for keeps... all I know is that with every other pregnancy, I was very very nauseated, throwing up all day, for a good 13 weeks. Even after the first trimester ended, the throwing up stopped but the nausea did not. I feel sick until the pregnancy ended.

So to not be sick and it's only 10 weeks!!! Wowsers.

I am tired, but grateful to not be ill. I have a yucky cold and coughing sometimes equals gaging, which does make me nauseated. But I think once this cold is gone, my tummy will be 100%.




stacy said...

Wait, you're supposed to change your sheets every three days? Most of your list, I'm right there with ya, and I don't have an excuse.
How wonderful that you're feeling well. Every one of mine was different, so just maybe you will be blessed to have an easy pregnancy this time.

Kayte said...

Stacy, no no no!! I do not change my sheets every three days. They hadn't been changed in... well, let's not talk about that!!! ;{