Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I am a boring person

That's how I feel. At least lately!

Since starting my blog several months ago, I have never felt at a loss for what to write about. Whether it was always interesting for others, I can not say (and highly doubt) but nonetheless, I always have had lots to say and was merely lacking the time to get it all out.

But now... with "Pregnancy Brain" already taking its toll, I feel like I have absolutely nothing at all which to share with you. Unless you would like to hear the details of changing pee pee laden crib sheets or the oh so exciting trip to WalMart I took today...

Any takers?

I didn't think so!

Not to say things have been BAD around here. Other than feeling nauseated and just being tired, everything is fine. Mundane, yes but that is okay. But it doesn't make for an exhilarating blog post. Maybe I'll start writing fictional posts.

Yes, that's it. I'll tell you about my year of touring the country with the circus as a bearded woman.

Or maybe I'll just wait for something interesting to actually happen in real life to tell you about. In the meantime, I will continue using the girls' nap time to sleep on the couch and then going to bed at 9pm each night.

So until you hear from me again, just know that I am happily changing lots of bedding, curling up the couch with the girls for lots of kiddie movies and Dr. Seuss books and allowing Seth to make as many trips to fast food drive-thrus as he offers. ☺



Tonya said...

Well, after watching Good Morning America and learning of Michael Jackson's desire to be able to "go to Wal-mart" but not being able to, your life may not be as boring as you think.
And as a mommy, whatever you decide to do is just fine.
We readers will tune in anyway.
Be encouraged and blessings to you.

Mrs. Reverend Doctor said...

I'm impressed that you can still get Maddie to nap, you should write a post about that. I always find your posts interesting, but we led parallel lives and I actualy know you.

Joyful Blessings said...

You just need to rest now, you will feel the blog bug hit you and when it does those fingers of yours will start tapping those keys heavy and hard again with all your wonderful sense of humor that you offer to all of us with semi boring lives also ...lol We all love blogland, take this time to read more. love you xoxo

Grateful Grammy said...

No, you are NOT boring! Writer's block hits us all (oh yes) and even when you blog about the ordinary stuff you are relating to the rest of us and helping us to feel "okay" about our ordinary times, too. Keep up the good work. It will get better.