Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We have only begun to fight!

So maybe that title is a bit melodramatic. But I didn't know what else to say.

Here is what is going on today at The Great Remodel:

The men folk spent time planning and thinking and re-working old plumbing to make things neat and tidy on the house's "intestines"... apparently all very important stuff. Then they went to work tearing the place apart. Seth is having way too much fun with this demolition!

That fancy little tool he is welding is pretty nifty.

Ahhhh... don't you just want to lay back and soak in that tub!?
Here is my mother in law painting the ceiling in what I am calling the "Baby Room"... whoever the baby at the moment is, this will be their room. So Eden at first, then our new little one.

Let me just take this moment to tell you that I have very awesome in laws. When other women are busy polishing the silver for the in laws coming over, I get the paint supplies and drop clothes out for my in laws. I am always overflowing with hair brained ideas about things to do at church or, as is the case lately, at the house, and my mother in law is always ready to back me up. "Oh yeah! Let's do that!" and unless it's totally ridiculous (which has happened) my father in law will usually go along with my mother in law's enthusiasm. It's a system that has been in effect for almost 6 yrs.

And of course, the girls are all too eager to help. Madison is completely devastated that she can not help paint the house, since she, as she keeps reminding me, is a very good painter. And give her a piece of construction paper and finger paints, and she surely is a very talented little artist. But latex paint on walls? Not quite ready for that!

And now dear friends, I shall nap.



Child of the King said...

If you need help painting I'm here for ya! :D haha

Joyful Blessings said...

How cute love those pictures, that is a sawsall that Seth is using, the guys really do love that tool. It is really handy. What great in laws you have. So wonderful for the girls that they are close to their grandparents and your mom too.

Virginia Harris said...

How exciting! Seth DOES look like he's having a great time.

Jenn said...

That is so exciting! Remodeling is fun and stressful!! We had to finish our remodel to be able to sell the house to move to TN!! Chris heard from Jasmine today youth group is canceled Sat so the men can work on your new house! He is so very disappointed, I told him he could go help paint!! Congrats and take it easy with the packing :~)

Kayte said...

Oh Jenn- that's the week the boys are here!!!?!!! Seth will feel so bad. He hardly EVER cancels the youth meeting! =(

Jenn said...

It will only be chris, he is coming with my parents! He will be there either the 1st or the 2nd and they are leaving on the 10th, btu he is hoping to talk my mom in to staying so he can go to youth on the 10th!! She might if he uses his birthday to talk her into His birthday is April 9th!! So pray he can go to the one on the 10th!! Don't feel bad, Seth didn't know when Chris was coming!! Hope you are feeling well!!