Friday, March 12, 2010

Busy Day

Am I really sitting down right now? Really?

*sigh* Oh yeah.

Today was a pretty busy day. Well... as "busy" as I do these days! So I guess if I ventured outside of my house for something other than church or the grocery store, I'm considering it busy. I'm existing lately as an infant. I like to eat every three hours and nap as much as possible in between. If only Maddie and Eden would get on board with this new routine that I'm trying to initiate!!

We are approaching the closing date of the "new" parsonage that our family will be living in soon. This entire process had taken a complete year; which is fine really but just in case you ever encounter a real estate term called a "short sale", do not think that the "short" is referring to time!

Things are moving along now and we've spent all day running errands pertaining to our impending relocation. I've arrived at the conclusion that by the time all is said and done, between the purchase price, lawyers fees, closing costs and remodeling, this parsonage will cost the church approximately 675 trillion dollars.

That might be a slight exaggeration. The final numbers are still to be determined.

To be perfectly honest, the entire parsonage concept is somewhat awkward for me. What I would prefer to do is to work for the church for free and live off of a trust fund established by wealthy deceased relatives.

But I don't have any rich relatives. And neither does Seth, as far as I know.

Doesn't it seem that just about everyone has at least one wealthy Uncle Larry somewhere in their family? Not us though! And it also seems that everyone has one unexplainable weird Uncle Fred somewhere in the family tree, too. I personally have like 7 weird Uncle Freds in my family but not one rich Uncle Larry.

You would think that by now President Obama would have created a solution to this obvious injustice. Maybe similar to the "Cash for Clunkers" plan, we could trade in relatives in a "Cash for Crazies" program.

In case you are concerned that I may be considering trading you in, Tara, rest at ease. You are too good of a cook to loose. Suzanne, however, has not brought Sunday dessert in some time now so she better watch her Ps and Qs.

Can I blame pregnancy hormones for everything I just typed?



Joyful Blessings said...

lol...I was going to tell you that my dear mom a short time before I lost her told me about a rich aunt she had, she never met, but she left my mom several thousands of dollars. I wondered why mom never told me about her. She had so much money that my mom just got a small slice and many other relatives got money too, the lawyers that settled her estate got as much as everyone put together did, weird. When mom died she did not owe much just 50 dollars on a Ultima eye shadow which she loved on her Credit card, and a nice savings account and a big house that was our child hood home, my brother and only left to split it all. Also my brother and I received my mom's pension from my dad that she got 25 years ago when they divorced, and that was substantial, dad got the other half. The Bible says to leave a inheritance for ones children, but of course a godly inheritance is the best to leave one's child of course. Tradd says though it is better to give what you can to your children before you die because the lawyers and the state will take over half before your family gets it.

JesseTaraMcCoyandgang said...

WOOHOO!!!!!!!! I'm safe, I might be crazy ~ but you are easily bought with food!!!!!!! *doin' a happy dance* :D

jennstar said...

Oh, you make us chuckle! Rich uncles run a little thin in our family as well. :)
Hope your moves goes OK - don't overdo it, eh!

Amber said...

We don't have a rich uncle either - but do have LOTS of crazies. It makes family functions more entertaining that way!

I found your blog through the CSAHM site.