Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday Happenings!

As I sit here snacking of some apple pie that somehow escaped consumption yesterday, I'll reminisce with you about the last few days for the McCoys. By the way, how was your Thanksgiving?? =)

For the first time ever, we spent Thanksgiving with my brother-in-law and his wife (Jesse and Tara) and their three little men. It was absolutely the BEST Thanksgiving meal I've ever had. (Sorry, mom). Tara made a delicious turkey that was so moist and flavorful! And some very savory sausage and apple stuffing. I would have never thought I would like sausage and apple stuffing but it just goes to show that trying something new occasionally pays off big time! Aside from the turkey, there were 10 side dishes. The table was so full, one more salt shaker would not have fit! It was really great food, and really great company.

On Wednesday, Maddie helped me prepare my contributions to the meal and dessert:
After stuffing ourselves like pigs, we headed over to my in laws where we again managed to gorge ourselves on desserts. I have a terrible sweet tooth as everyone by now surely knows so I was quite up to the challenge.

The post-dessert semi comatose slumps:

Then the traditional McCoy family Thanksgiving day bowling!! I thought this would be Maddie's favorite part of the day but the poor thing just couldn't take it anymore... check out how she sits with her legs crossed:

Eden however had a swell time at the bowling alley! Here she is playing with her cousin, Eli:

Seth prepares...

...and executes.

Daddy and Eden cheer on other players:

And my nephew Gunner was cheering as well:

Maddie gave her support silently. She slept in my arms for 2 games but here she was finally waking up a bit. When we offered to get her some shoes so she could join the kids for the 3rd and final game, she eagerly and enthusiastically agreed. But when it came time to actually go up with everyone watching, she dramatically changed her mind. And I mean dramatically. So I traded her shoes in and played a game with the little kids in the lane with the bumpers. I came in second place. My nephew, Tucker beat me. He's four. And yes, I was trying my best. Stop laughing at me!! I mean it-- you're hurting my feelings!!
I need more pie.

After bowling, we always go over to Seth's Aunt Terry and Uncle Ed's house to mooch off of their leftovers and take another round of dessert therapy. Many years, we've stayed until all hours of the morning playing board games but this year, our girls were tired, as were we. We're getting old and like to go to bed!
We had a very busy day today, enjoyed a yummy dinner of leftovers and then dove into the Christmas decorating. We're 75% done and have called it quits for tonight. We were not expecting to be in this house for the holidays so Seth took the hooks off of the roof that we always used for our icicle lights. He's informed me that he has no intentions of putting them all back up. Disappointment has pierced my heart. This house looks so cute with icicle lights and our simple outdoor decorations. This disappointment has led to the need for pie.
Somehow I ended up coming home with two almost full pies thta my mother in law, the master pie maker, made. Seth and the girls don't like pie. This. is. not. good. If anyone wants to come over, I will share....

Maddie had the honor of putting the angel on the tree:Seth had the honor of fixing it:
I really enjoy sitting with Seth at night after the girls go to bed with all the house lights off and just the white Christmas lights shining... and a nice piece of pie. Ahhhh. Christmas time is here!!


jennstar said...

We decorated yesteray, too - it was fun! Since our house is small, we keep decorations down, but we enjoy the lights so much as it gets dark so early!
Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday - and it looks like you could afford a little pie. :)

Mrs. Reverend Doctor said...

Love that photo of Maddie, defiantly your daughter!