Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Crafty Girl

I am not really a crafty girl. I really want to be. Maybe deep inside there is a crafty girl trying to escape...? I have a lot of interests in homemaking fields but little knowledge. And even less money! ;) Both are helpful in pursing crafty interests!

I enjoy participating in A thousand words and then some, a fun fun blog with weekly writing assignments. But when I saw the theme Amy picked for this week, I cringed! Handmade? While I would love to show you the latest dress I sewed for myself or blanket I crocheted for a little one, the best I can do is the paper snowflakes I made today to spray snow paint over on the windows! ;) Not exactly heirloom quality!

I do like to try to be a crafty girl once in a while but I'm not the domestic diva I long to be... not yet anyway. Seth and I went out tonight and browsed around at sewing machines. I have no idea what to look for but I am looking! I think I could handle some simple household projects. We shall see... For a while I got a pouty face about how ignorant I am about all the normal homemaking tasks. Homemaking is a dying art in America. I really wish I could teach my girls how to sew, can, bake pies, garden, crochet, arrange flowers, knit and run an efficient home. While I'm at it, I'd like to teach them to sing, play the piano and algebra. But I know none of these things for myself so obviously I can't teach them! How I managed to graduate both high school and college without knowing algebra is remarkable. But, truthfully, I am still young... sorta. 26 is still young right? If you said no, I am sticking my tongue out at you right now. But really, who says you can't learn how to do these things after you're married and a mother? I haven't the time or money that might be necessary to become GREAT at them all... but maybe I can have a general knowledge of them all and possible get good at just one? When I first got married, I seriously couldn't even fry an egg. MUCH progress has been made in that arena, so there is hope!

Baking and cake decorating are probably my most developed hobbies. Nothing spectacular... I haven't made a cake in the likeness of the empire state building or anything! Just bunnies, ladybugs, strawberries, butterflies... and a golf ball planned for Seth's birthday. Stay tuned for that one!

I really like decorating though if you were to tour my house at the moment, you would never know it! Right now, my style is the ol' "make do with whatcha got" technique. Never goes out of style!

I will share this project that I just finished yesterday... I bought this old school desk for $2 at garage sale this summer:

It was pretty cute as was, and such a great price! But with rust and chipping paint, she needed a make over (of-course, it was a girl!). Sanding, a few coats of rustoleum in matte white, painted flowers and a clear protective coat, and here we have it:
I'm not completely thrilled with how my butterflies came out but I admit, I do like the flowers. They are imperfect... just like flowers should be!

When we eventually move, I want to decorate the girls' room in pink and bright green so that is why I choose these colors. I highlighted the leaves by just mixing some of the lime green with the yellow used for the centers.


Korina said...

That chair looks AWESOME! And you are a REALLY good drawer! I can't draw worth beans. SO CUTE. And, if you ever want to learn out to make quilts I'd totally show you how. Its SUPER easy! :)

Amy ♥ DailyPleasures said...

Katie, you did a terrific job on the desk. "She" is really beautiful! As for the sewing machine, I recommend a well-known brand like Kenmore or Singer (for parts) and simple is just fine. A straight stitch, a zig-zag, maybe buttonhole and a fancy stitch or two are really all you need. You can find a good one that will last you for years for under a hundred dollars. When you come over, I can give you a quickie lesson to get you started.
Also, check out The Homemaker's Mentor (http://www.thehomemakersmentor.com/index.php) for some neat lesson ideas. Then again, there's the money issue, but maybe for the holidays? Or maybe it's better to just find an older lady to teach you and for you to be a blessing to.
Once again, love the desk!

Kayte said...

Thanks, gals... I'll take both of you up on lessons! Korina, you can show me how to make those cute hair clip quilt thigns, and Amy, I need to knwo how to make simple play skirts for my girls. I know learning how to make them will save us so much in the long run.

I did have a couple great seamstresses try to teach me as a teen so I have a very basic knowledge... I never really applied myself to it at that age. If only I'd known!

And it's good to know I don't have to take out a loan! If you ask some people, you've got to get crazy expensive ones and that seems silly for a beginner. Seth will glad to hear your suggestions! ;)

jennstar said...

What do you mean you are not good at homemaking?!?! You have just defined the word too narrowly! The little desk is very, very sweet! I can just imagine your little girlies sitting in coloring or doing some schoolwork. :) Your painting has a quaint, simple and stylish quality... I like it!
Keep up the good work!

Child of the King said...

That looks great!

The Doll Family said...



Mrs. Reverend Doctor said...

Very cute! If it makes you feel better I have 3 years of Algebra in high school and it didn't do me much good!

Kayte said...

Yeah Lela... ya know, so far I have offers to teach me sewing but none to teach em algebra. Hmmm....

Kayte said...

or spelling... that should be "me"! ;)

Mrs. Julie Fink said...

Beautiful handiwork! You are so talented.