Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blogging Safely

It was pointed out to me that I have been very careless about personal information on my blog. Once I looked through my blog with that warning in my mind, I immediately some down right foolish things I had said in my posts. I think that if I had read them on someone else's blog, it would have stood right out to me. But as I write my posts, I only think of my small circle of readers, mostly family and friends, and not about all the potentially bad guys out there who also have access to my blog.

I have gone through and deleted some things. So if you are wondering where things went, this is why.

In my efforts to focus on the bright side of life, I can not forget how evil our world is, and that God has entrusted my little girls to me for safe keeping. I feel so foolish for not being more discerning from the start.

I guess this was just a public announcement! Maybe I'll get a real post in tonight.


Mrs. Reverend Doctor said...

Kayte, You can always make your blog "by invitation only" if you only want certain people to read it.

jennstar said...

Kayte - I had the same issue, and my husband was very leery about me blogging at all - so I made my main blog private so that our family would be more protected. I was sad about doing it because I thought I would not meet new people any more. It is funny, I think more people read my blog now than when it was open!