Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our trip to the Zoo

Baby, it's cold outside. Real cold. Minus 1 to be exact.

I currently have on several layers of clothing, none matching and some that actually belong to my husband. I look like a homeless woman. But boy am I glad to not actually be a homeless woman on a night like tonight! The furnace is going and I've had all the hot tea a girl can take in one day! I know it's only the beginning of winter for us New Yorkers, but this California girl is already looking back at the warm flip flip wearing days of summer with longing. But I'm only going to tell you about it... Seth has a no complaining about the weather policy!

So while perusing our photos of 2009 to select some for the 2010 photo calenders I give to a few family members as Christmas gifts, I thought I'd share some memories of warmer days with you.

Our girls had such a blast at the zoo, the little petting zoo being the favorite of-course!

(Sorry for the small size of these photos... my hard drive died a few months ago and these had to be retrieved from my facebook page and apparently it's only possible in a smaller size.)

Look at Eden's hair in the sun light!
Me and my Maddie... she's my buddy. We're so alike sometimes it's scary!
Notice that tiger in the background? He kept doing laps in in the same exact path over and over... I almost felt bad for him. He seemed so bored.

I really should have felt more sorry for the baby goats. They were sticking their mouths out for food and kept getting whacked by Eden... she thought it was a wonderful game!
Seriously, is there anything better than seeing your husband with your kids like this? My heart turns to butter.
Maddie did a great job feeding the goats!

And she did a great job guzzling MY diet Pepsi! "HEY! I said 'A SIP'!!!"

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Mrs. Julie Fink said...

Such an adorable family ♥