Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Socks

We have a 5ft. table top tree due to space limitations. If we ever have room for a full sized again, we would love to go back to a tree farm and cut one down ourselves. I say that as if I actually help. Seth does all the work.
We have a swag thinggy that goes the entire length of the pillars (up the wall of both sides and accross the ceiling).

And my Christmas socks. You like?

It's become a little tradition of mine to pick up a new pair each year in the post-holiday clearance shopping. They satisfy three of my basic needs: to be warm, to be fabulous, and to be ridiculous. Wearing my festive socks brings peace and tranquility to my being. Okay, not really but if only it were that easy!

In actuality, Christmas festivities can stress me out in a way. Don't get me wrong: I love it all. But my task oriented to do list making borderline OCD personality can only handle so much of the schedule wrecking, mess making fun. With our girls getting older, I enjoy it more and more each year.

My sister in law, Tara is like the holiday guru. She has seasonal and holiday decorations galore... trinkets everywhere, festive salt and pepper shakers (I think I saw at least two "fall-ish" sets at Thanksgiving), throw pillows, wall hangings, Christmas dishes, etc etc etc. I tease her that she has a Christmas couch and then a Valentines couch and so on. While I once was VERY bare in my decorating (the empty look is the clean look, right?), I have begun to feel the need to add a little more here and there. No trinkets! Nope. Can't handle it. But I did snag that cute little "Noel" wall hanging for $2.50 at the craft store. Now I feel like I am no longer a Scrooge. The outside is decorated as well. I'll have to post pictures soon. No icicle lights on the roof this year though. =(
I've been very busy working on church projects: end of the year things, beginning of new year things, youth Christmas party, new Sunday School class, logo mat for the church foyer. Oy! Slowly but surely, it's all being completed and with each task crossed off the list, I feel better and more able to enjoy the season.
There's one item you might be able to help with! The ladies of our church has a wonderful Christmas cookie exchange each year. Our hostess, Lisa, does a great job with it. Although I love to bake cookies, I have yet to be totally happy with my contribution to the exchange. The cookies I am good at baking, and bake often are simple chocolate chip and peanut butter, because that is always what Seth requests. But for the exchange, I want to bring something special. Not so special it takes 4 days to make them all (we bring 6 dozen) but special enough to be worthy of a Christmas cookie platter. Any suggestions? What's you favorite recipe? Every year that we've done this, I experiment and try out a few new recipes to narrow my search down, but I just don't have the time or will power to do that this year. I am looking for a tired and true winner!
Hope you are getting into the Christams spirit! Isn't it amazing that a King would willingly come to earth to be born in such humble surroundings? Thank you, Jesus!!


Child of the King said...

I love the stocking miss kayte! :)

JesseTaraMcCoyandgang said...

Hey ~ I have a cookie recipe magazine if you want to borrow it ~ Taste of Home and it has almost 300 cookie recipes in it!

jen said...

My cook books are packed because of the remodel. I do have a soft gingerbread cookie recipe & a lemon bar recipe that both get praise & requests. I also have a great butter cookir recipe. If you really want them I will open the box for you. I do know which one it is. I also suggest Allrecipes dot com. I read the reviews and bake the recipe according to what changes seem to be most common. I haven't been dissapointed yet.

Korina said...

The socks are FABULOUS. ;) Love them.

Kayte said...

Jen, you don't need to go through all that trouble! The gingerbread sounds you know where you got the recipe from? Maybe I can just look it up online instead of you dragging out your boxes.

The Doll Family said...

Love the socks....I have my own rather large collection of plaid, argyle, stripped, etc...socks. :)


Ham that am Ham said... the socks/stockings...
Prayers for PK; Nathan Dodd. Nate of ;
they lost their baby ,in nineth month, thuer first child. Son of Pastor George Dodd of Calvary Gospel....NYM.,NY

Jamiee said...

You have Aryon on those socks btw! She has to have her Christmas socks as well (or any holiday that has them shes got a drawer full and wants ones that Toe Socks)