Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sunday School Room Makeover

I recently started teaching the teen girls' class and we decided to give the room a makeover.

Before... you'll just have to imagine to furniture in there since we removed it before thinking of "before" pictures... the chairs were a weird peach color (been there a looooong time):

After... I let the teen girls choose what theme to decorate in and they picked the beach. They helped me paint the walls... which was fun and MESSY. The carpet bears the evidence! We will never be hired as professional painters, that's for sure!! But it was a good time and I'm so glad they helped. Thanks Jasmine and Cassidy!! The blue color was not intended to be so bright... Pastor McCoy just about had a heart attack! Hopefully having some things on the walls has toned it down:
This french memo board was made with a piece of laminate board. I used a staple gun to fasten quilting batting, then the fabric. The ribbons were the hardest part, and to be honest, Seth did all the work on that! My technique was going to be to eye ball it and Seth cringed at the thought. He got out the tape measure and sent me out for additional supplies. He did a great job getting them perfectly spaced out. It took a lot more ribbon that I anticipated! Each one was stapled to the back, then upholstery pins at the intersections in a pattern which probably only makes sense to me!!

I'll be sticking my various visual aids for the lessons, and any stop shots of the class, etc on this. Should be cute soon!

My attendance chart... it's not actually crooked- that's just my lousy camera work!

These frames were originally plain wooden ones that mom had no use for and gave to me for this purpose. I sanded, painted and glues on some shells.

The verse printed on each one ties into the beach theme and relates to the picture:

That shelf will soon be decorated with shells, a star fish, etc. I'm just taking a break from spending any. more. money.!!! That bag hanging contains the much sought after S.S. prizes!!
I also painted that little was dark blue. I did a crackle finish because I've been curious to try that! It was easy and I'm completely amused by the fact that if it had been crackled beforehand, I wouldn't have liked it and would have thought it was worn and old but because I crackled it on purpose, it's suddenly just want I wanted.
The little girl in the pink dress was not painted. She is not crackled either.

The freshly painted chairs... my great husband did all that work because I really do not like to work with spray paint. It's just not my favorite at all. He did a wonderful job with them.... it took quite some time because all those spindles had to be sanded. I'd like to get chair pads for them soon.
The curtain was actually a full length one that i cut at the appropriate length and used the rest for the tablecloth. My mom helped me out by running it through her machine to hem each piece. I love having my mom close by... and I think she actually enjoyed being able to help me in this little way.

And that is it, folks!! I think I'll show you the S.S. room I painted last year... it's quirky! Stay tuned...


Child of the King said...

I love it miss kayte! Your an awesome Sunday school teacher! :)

Amy Snow said...

You did a wonderful job. Those girls are lucky to have you! Wow! I would love to come to your SS room! :)

Korina said...

VERY nice. Good Job!

Jodi said...

That's the best it has EVER looked!!