Monday, December 28, 2009

Maddie's Request

Today, Madison approached Seth and made an unusual request:

"I want Mommy to have a baby brother for me. You know... just Eden was my baby sister. That way, he and Eden can play together and I can watch them and take care of the babies".

I'm sure the fact that she has a newborn cousin, a cutie pie baby boy, is what got her thinking in this direction. She occasionally asks me if I have a baby in my belly because she knows that when I do, that's when she will get to sit in the very back on the van (a coveted privilege) so the new baby can sit in the middle seat. But up until now, I had no idea she was willing to take care of a new little one for me! What a deal! ;)

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Joyful Blessings said...

I wish I was blogging when the kids were little the pieces of paper I wrote down those cute sayings are only in my bad memory now. Girls talk soooo much more than boys. The most provocative sayings came out of Holly when she was two. Brent never said too much, he was so easy going.