Thursday, November 12, 2009

Meet Seth

Being that I am a "Nosey-Rosey" who likes to hear about other people's families, especially the families of the writers of blogs I follow... I thought it might be fun to introduce you to each member of our little family. And even if it's of no interest to anyone else at all, I just feel like writing short biographies of each of them! So, let's begin with my handsome husband, Seth. This portrait was taken for church literature, and I think he looks really young here... but don't be fooled... he turns 28 next month. I know right... he's getting up there! Might as well just round up to 30. ;) You may not be able to see it here, but the day before these photos were taken, he was accidentally poked in the eye while playing basketball... it was very red and irritated. Nothing like having church portraits with an Assistant Pastor who looks like he was in bar fight! Of-course, I was 8 mos. pregnant and bloated, so I wasn't about to make fun of him!

Seth is the youth pastor at our church, Harts Hill Baptist Church in Whitesboro, NY. His duties include being the principle of our very small academy. One day I will write a post all about being a youth pastor's wife. For now, let's just say that I eat pizza way too much!

My husband grew up in a Pastor's home, the youngest of 5 children. His middle name is Isaac, but I am convinced that the middle initial "I" actually stands for "Integrity". He is the definition of "Mr. Steady". Complete with a corny sense of humor, oodles of natural athleticism and a general knowledge of all things construction, carpentry and mechanical. Any time our family gathers, he is found wrestling on the floor with our nephews (and our daughters jumping on top on the dog pile). He enjoys golf and just about every sport, and is competitive but never brags or shows poor sportsmanship. We are casual Yankees and Bills fans... although watching the Bills is more frustration than enjoyment most of the time. I say "casual" because Seth really doesn't get fanatical about it. He just keeps up on the stats and watches a game on Sunday afternoon.

He's a fantastic daddy. He plays with the girls almost every moment that he's with them. He's the diaper changing kind of daddy... although when we were expecting the first time, he insisted that he wasn't going to be changing any diapers. I incredulously said, "You're going to make me change every single diaper all of our children have?" "No," he assured me, "My mom will change some". Thankfully, he was only joking.

We were married on June 26, 2004. We met at Hyles Anderson College when I was 16 yrs. old and he was 18. His sister was good friends with one of my good friends, and thus a friendship was made, which eventually... and I do mean eventually... led to more. It took him forever to ask me out! Of-course, I wasn't very patient. Once he did decide to date me, he simultaneously decided that he wanted to marry me as well. He didn't come right out and say that, but it was somehow made obvious, and that freaked my 17 yr. old (by then) self out! I got counsel and told this eager beaver to slow things down. Well... habits of seeing each other too often had already been formed so the "slow down" thing didn't happen. So I broke it off. *sigh* 11 months later, with maturity gained by both of us, we commenced our dating... this time sensibly and with God's direction. 2 1/2 yrs. later, we were married!

Some facts about Seth:

~ He loves peanut butter... he slaps some on Oreos, chips, carrots, celery, ice cream. If we run out of Jiffy Creamy, a state of emergency is declared!

~ He doesn't like pie. Weird, right?

~ He hates soda. He only drinks water, tea, coffee and juice.

~ He has an super charged sense of smell. A sharpie marker, nail polish, paint, Pine Sol, etc. bothers him to no end.

~ He is 5'11" and weighs 157 lbs. I've tried for 5 yrs to fatten him up... not happening.

~ He sings bass wonderfully!

~ He has a strategy for everything and he's always calculating numbers in his head.

He's a great guy and I love him bunches! I don't know why God gave me such a wonderful man, but I'm glad He did!

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