Friday, November 13, 2009

Meet Eden Grace

The baby of the family (for now): Eden Grace. 18 months old and as cute as a button! She is tenderhearted, crying big fat crocodile tears when scolded or punished. She is not overly cuddley except when tired or sick. When she is the mood to give hugs, I stop what I'm doing and take them!! When I tell her that I love her, she blows me kiss. Her vocabulary is growing daily but I definitely remember Maddie communicating much more clearly at this age. Eden just seems "younger" at 18 mo.s than Maddie did. And that is fine...

She is such a good eater! She'll try ANYTHING. The other day, she picked black olives out of my salad... yuck! I hate black olives! But apparently, Eden likes them because she ate all my olives, and Seth's. Weirdo! What she is NOT good at is sleeping! She is a light sleeper and wakes up over any noise our upstairs neighbor makes. I'm hoping that when we (eventually) move, having her own room will help her (and all of us) get better sleep!
Eden is lanky and slight... just as dainty as can be. You may not notice than it the pictures I post of her... her face is nice and chunky, and she does have enough squishiness to be baby soft, but her legs and arms are so long, there are no rolls to pinch anymore. With bright blue eyes and equally as bright red hair, she gets attention every where we go from the mostly Italian community in which we live. Her red hair was a big surprise to us, and it almost tempted me to change her name. The "Eden" I had been picturing during my pregnancy had dark brown hair, like Maddie. Seth's grandma gets the credit for the red hair. I think it'd be great if we had a blonde next time around! (Seth was very blonde as a kid so there is hope!)

She loves to play with babies and purses... sometimes my purse, which is a no-no! Another area in which she seems "younger" to me than Maddie at this age is that Eden still puts everything in her mouth. She will sit in the sandbox at the park and shovel handful after handful of sand in her mouth! EEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww! I remember baby Maddie tasting one clump of dirt, deciding it did not taste good and never did it again. But that silly Eden just loves it! ARGH!!!!! After 15 minutes of slapping her hand and saying "NO!" as she keep shoveling dirt in her mouth, with Maddie watching on, Maddie grabbed a handful, examined it, and threw it her mouth. Instantly, she regretted it and spit it out. I guess she thought she was missing something fantastic if Eden was willing her have a sore hand for this stuff! Needless to say, the sandbox was not visited again! Here she is again, in her element:

Eden is fairly friendly, being sure to say "bye bye" to every cashier or just any ol' stranger that we walk past. When she does get nervous around a stranger, she will lay her head on my shoulder but still look at the newcomer and smile. It's really very endearing to see.

She loves to play in the bath but does not like to share the toys or water with Maddie. Sharing is a MAJOR struggle for Eden... working on it! In the meantime, her future holds many "time outs" in the play pens in the church nursery! Unlike Madie at her age, Eden doesn't really like me to read books to her! :( She gets books out and stacks them and puts them in this container than that... she may flip through and look at pictures but once I start reading, she loses interest. A few books we own have different textures to feel and those hold her attention the best, but we usually don't make it all the way through.

The words she knows that I can think of right now:

Mama, Daddy, "May-Dee" (Maddie), "oooon" (spoon), "mik" (milk), "wow-er" (flower), yeah, no, "keeees" (please), "ta" always said with a nod (thank you), mine (not my favorite word for a toddler to learn!), "bay" (blanket), "tookin'" (cooking), "bay-bill" (Bible), "uuse" (juice), "nigh" (g'night)

Last Sunday she was playing at a play kitchen. Nana asked her what she was doing and she said Tookin'... which is cooking! Cute, huh?

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