Saturday, November 14, 2009

Prayer Requests

It seems that lately, there are many burdens... not so much on me, but on people around me. I feel like I could pray all day without ceasing and not get through all the many needs. That is probably the reality ALL the time, and I simply don't always realize it.

I'm going to have a prayer request list in the sidebar that I *promise* to keep current. I'd love to add your requests, too. You can put them in the comments or just email me at For now, I will start with the ones that have been on mind the past few days:

Our cousin, Julie is overdue with her first baby. Waitin', waitin', waitin'... I'm praying that she does not have to be induced, which is scheduled for Thursday if this little boy doesn't get the move on!

My sister-in-law, Suzanne, is expecting boy #4. Being that this is her 4th C-section and she also underwent a major abdominal surgery a few years ago, she'll be cut vertically as opposed to the usual horizontal incision. Please pray for her safety and recovery. C-section scheduled for Dec. 14, which happens to my husband's birthday! Really, Suzanne, you didn't have to give him such an elaborate gift! ; )

Our church just had a phenomenal revival last month, and as was expected, Satan didn't like it very much. I won't elaborate but people are struggling and hurting. At the same time, there is a spirit of "we're not letting Satan have the victory", so that is encouraging.

The church has been in the process of purchasing a new parsonage for us to live in, a cute little house that is very close to the church, since April. The moral of the story is that "short sales" as they are called are actually really really long sales!

My friend, Amy's family has been hit by the flu. We had a similar flu here and I was couped with with sickies for 3 wks. Now, I have 2 children; Amy has 11. Pray for her sanity! Really, pray for them to all get better, and also her father in law is suffering with cancer and awful pain.

Please also pray for me as I begin teaching the teen girls' Sunday School class. I'm excited about it. Mostly I need prayer that I teach them what the Lord's wants them to learn and not "Kayte-ology".

Fords Bush Bible Church in Fort Plain, NY is in need of a pastor. Pray for the Lord's leading and for the church to remain strong during this transitional time. Pay for Brother and Mrs. Keever as they fill in as interim pastor.

Where would we be if couldn't take our burdens to the Lord?

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