Monday, November 16, 2009

Questions... deep questions...

The wheels in my head are turning tonight but maybe they need some grease because this is all I can come up with! The unanswered inquirers of a silly girl:

If Maddie has two feet (and she does, thankfully)... one left and one right, and she has two shoes, one for the left foot and one for the right foot, doesn't it seem logical that she would get them onto the correct foot approximately 50% of the time, just by chance? But that's not how it happens in reality... we're doing good if she gets them right 15% of the time. Weird.

Why do my arms jiggle? It doesn't matter thin a woman is, unless she is a body builder who is taking testosterone supplements, our upper arms jiggle. Blach!

After how many years of marriage does a husband not have to call across the house things like "Honey, where do we keep the scotch tape?" Should I make him a color coded directory? Hmmm... Christmas present?

And speaking of the woes of womanhood, am I the only one out there who is in need of anti-acne treatments AND anti-wrinkle cream simultaneously?? There is something so wrong and UNfair about this...

Why is there shiny green Easter basket grass on my floor in November?

Why does thinking about jiggly body parts, zits and wrinkles make me want to lie down?

Is it "lie" or "lay"? I've never gotten that concept through my wrinkled, cratered, jiggly head.

Is it bedtime yet?

Have a good night and I hope your minds are a wee bit sharper than mine at the moment!