Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter Woes

Winter is wearing on. And on. I'm trying not to complain. For one, because it really irritates my husband when I do. You know, as naive as it sounds, when I was dating/engaged/single and dying to meet Mr. Right (and those are not in chronological order!) I heard a missionary preach. In his sermon he described some of destitute living quarters he and his wife called home and many things they went without. He said that he had NEVER heard her complain. Not once in their long married life. Sitting there soaking up his every word, I mentally put "Never complain" on my to do (or to don't) list and vowed right then and there that my future husband would be able to say the same thing about me someday.

Um... well....

Maybe that man had a really bed memory?

Or maybe she actually didn't ever complain. She's my hero. But I am sorry to say that Seth can never truthfully tell anyone that he has never heard his wife complain.

The first few winters in upstate NY I gripped quite a bit. (I'm a California girl, in case you've missed that.) And eventually Seth let me know that all my complaining did not warm the external (or internal) temperature in the slightest. You should know that Seth is a man of few requests. I think as long as I had clean white undershirts for him and just gave him a kiss every day, he'd be as happy as clam. Ramen noodle for dinner? Not a problem to him. He'll eat whatever I serve. He'd live anywhere. He's a very contented person. But since he makes few strong opinions or preferences known, the no complaining about the weather edict is one I try to follow.

So can I complain to you instead of him? Okay, that's actually NOT what friends are for, so I will refrain. Just know that I haven't felt my toes since October and they probably won't thaw until April.

The second reason I really shouldn't complain about this frozen tundra environment is that we did have a wonderfully warm extended fall. Although those days seem long gone now, they were so appreciated at the time. It was almost like we were stealing those blissful extra days of sunshine and park visits.

More than the cold weather outside, I admit to you that I've become a bit unfocused and listless meandering around inside. Cabin fever, I suppose. I've read the same 3 books to Maddie roughly 1,878 times this week. Which is great.. I'm glad she likes stories. Because the other favorite activity here is DVD watching. I'm expecting the poor DVD player to start smoking and burst into flames from over use at any moment. And it would probably be a good thing. I always feel guilty when the girls watch videos so much. As if every minute they sit transfixed at the TV is robbing them of attention span and brain cells.

So my options are to:
a. sell an organ illegally to buy a second car so that I could go out and do fun things outside out the four walls of our home.
b. find fun activities to do inside

Although at times option A sounds like the easier route, I really do like all my organs... well- is a nose an organ? Because I don't really like that one. But I am certain no one would want to buy it. So option B wins.

A long time ago, I printed this list from Daily Pleasures of Amy's many suggestions for occupying preschoolers. This was way back when I first starting reading blogs and this post probably sealed the deal for me that they were not just a giant waste of time and cyber space. I felt like I had found the Holy Grail. It is time for me to dust my printed list off and reevaluate which ones my girlies would enjoy, replenish the simple craft supplies and hunker down for some messes.

Hoping that you stay warm and non-complaining! =)

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Mrs. Julie Fink said...

You know, the man that lives in my house feels the same way about the Chicago winter too! I did read something a few days ago about a family that organizes some special fun things to do and celebrate just during the stressful times of the year. I was thinking I should come up with some ideas that might be of encouragement to him.(we have one ~ we go on a week long vacation in January somewhere warm) It's hard when the weather gets so cold it's uncomfortable (especially when you are from the warm climate).

I think winter is a good time for dvds (the right kind) and crafts and maybe having friends come over to enjoy both with you if you can :).