Tuesday, January 26, 2010

God's protecting hand

I was reading over journal entries from 2009 and came across this little incident that happened just about a year ago. I remember this day but am glad I took the time to write the details down so I could remember more fully what had happened and thank God once again for His protecting hand. Eden was 9 months old and Maddie was just over 2 yrs. old, as you can see in this older picture.

February 9, 2009.

In the rush trying to get out the door to church, Seth was going out the back door to put the diaper bag in the van and get it warmed up. Our kitchen has a back door, which opens to a very small landing, three steps then another landing from which you can either go out the door to the driveway or down a full flight of stairs to the basement. There is no door on the basement- it's just open. Maddie wanted to go out to the car with him (she and Eden were playing in the kitchen; I was finishing up in the bedroom). Seth told her she couldn't go out. He leaves, closing the kitchen and back door behind him. Maddie had a pesky "sin nature flare up" and she decided to follow him outside despite her daddy's "no"... but she left the doors open. And so of-course, Eden follows her. Seth soon realizes Maddie has followed him, and then hears Eden screaming. He comes to the back door to see Eden at the bottom of the first set of stairs on her back about to roll over... PRAISE GOD he got her before she headed down the full stairs to the concrete basement. By now, I come to the kitchen and see Seth holding Eden, who has stopped crying. Surely she didn't just fall down the stairs, I think. Seth tells me what happened. My first thought is that were are not going to church but rather the ER. I snatch her away from Seth (because that's what mommies do when their baby is hurt!) Not only is there the fall down 3 steps to be concerned with but those steps are in BAD shape. Ripped up linoleum, jagged metal strips... they are wood and jagged and I've always thought if a baby fell down these, their face would be ripped up. There are one of 2 things left in the house that need remodeling. But as I carefully look her over, Eden is completely unharmed. She stopped crying as soon as Seth picked her up, she has no scratches or bruises and no bump. I've seen her get more upset by me putting a bow in her hair. I keep looking her over and over all day and monitoring her behavior and she is perfectly unharmed.

It makes absolutely no sense, apart from God's protection being displayed. She is one tough redhead and God is a
good God! It was even a little convicting to me because I was in such a foul mood all morning! Basically, I would rather be sleeping than getting ready for church! And then God protects my baby like that. Humbling.

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