Friday, January 15, 2010

Good news

Eden has returned from her space voyage and is no longer radio active. Confused? This will grant you clarity.

I've been having way too much fun figuring out PE8. I have totally neglected house work and cooking to do so but I'm not feeling guilty enough to stop yet. Okay not really. I just so happened to have planned very simple meals this week. I should do that more often!

Also, the wheels on turning on the house situation. We're expecting a closing date to be set in a week or so. So my mind is beginning to turn to packing and remodeling and paint colors and frankly, it makes me hyperventilate if I ponder it for long.

I'm feeling very snarky today. I'm not exactly sure what "snarky" means but I heard someone use it once and going just off the context, it means a bit sarcastic and a bit snooty, and a bit snippity. Now I'm not going to define "snooty" and "snippity". Just rest assured that I want to be in my jammies right now and eat some very dark chocolate. Which I have none of. I mean, I do have jammies but not dark chocolate. Do you ever NOT buy goodies when you are grocery shopping because your will to eat good was strong at that moment and then regret it later...when your will wasn't so strong anymore?

And now I will leave you with the cutest thing in the universe: my little girls.


Mrs. Julie Fink said...

Your girls really are so adorable . . . you "snarky" mom you :).

jennstar said...

Very cute picture of the girls! Oh, I do sometimes pass up the chocolate in a rush of will power and then wish I had bought it later. But I have also bought some and then wished I hadn't!