Sunday, January 31, 2010

"How To" Disclaimer

I’m preparing a few posts on the topic of organization but I want to preface them first with a disclaimer.

I love “how to” posts on other people’s blogs… I am just that kind of girl who is always looking for someone to teach me something that I don’t already know. I’ve sat and read books and articles about how to do a huge variety of subjects, even when it is something I never intend to actually do myself. It’s fun. Even though it’s probably a ginormous waste of time for me to read about rock climbing or refurbishing a hot rod, because if any of you know me at all, neither of those events will ever happen. Ever. Never ever. But I’m just weird enough to still be interested in reading about any subject. Sometimes I read stuff like that so that I don’t sound like such a huge nit-wit when talking to Seth and someone else who may want to have a conversation about something OTHER than diaper rashes and cookie recipes. But if the "how to" post is actually pertaining to things I will indeed use in real life, I’m completely pumped and elated to find it.

However, on the few occasions when I have sat down to write a “how to” post about something I want to share, I always feel a bit presumptuous. I just want to tell each and every person who reads my how to posts, which I am going to post soon, that I am not an expert at… well... really anything. In my very best arenas, I am a B, maybe a B+ in something like, washing dishes! ;) And I am okay with that, in fact. I’d rather be a B in everything than an A at one thing while being a C at everything else. Make sense? No? Yeah not me either.

I am not an original person. Just about everything I know that is good has been taught to me by more experienced wiser people. I am just relaying their info in my own dorky terminology.

So let it be known throughout the lands than I do not have it all together. But I do read a lot (when I should be just getting my ducks in a row rather than reading about how to get my ducks lined up in the exact right way) and merely want to be the tiniest bit helpful to anyone who might actually read my “how to” posts.

You know, women, in particular, are really hard on each other… and sometimes on themselves. We put a lot of expectations on ourselves rooted in comparison and efforts to “measure up”. The very, very last thing I would ever want is for someone to read a how to post on, for example, organization (since I’m about to post a few of those) and instead of feeling encouraging and energized to become bit more organized, instead feels discouraged and that she will never attain the level of organization that I describe. It’s a sad thing to me when one woman makes another woman feel inadequate. I believe that happens sometimes among Christian woman, albeit it can be self inflicted at times. I’ve been on that side of it , too!

We all have our strengths, and we all our weaknesses. I’ll forgive your weakness and you forgive mine, deal? And while we’re at it, share with me your strengths and I’ll try to share with you mine.

As I post a few “how to” posts in the next few days, no comparing amongst ourselves is allowed. Just look for ideas that could help you and work in your life and ditch the others.


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Korina said...

Again making me smile! :) I've been reading how to books for organization and junk removal A LOT lately. :D Looking forward to your how to posts!!!