Thursday, January 14, 2010

A new trend in toy storage

It seems that I am constantly looking to improve the way we organize and store the girls' toys. And after Christmas, this becomes a down right priority! I guess Eden has taken notice and wants to help. When I hoisted her up to get her diaper changed, I notice that her jammies were snug. Oh no! I thought! These are brand new! And then I saw how lumpy her body was. Oh no! She is covered in tumors! Okay, I didn't really think that. I'm a crazy mom but not THAT crazy!

As I unzipped, I realized that Eden had stuffed as many toys as possible into the legs of her footie jammies. Just when I thought I had found the last one, there would be another!

She was quite pleased with herself, as you can see in this (gritty) picture:

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