Friday, January 8, 2010

Professional taste tester

Here she is: my professional taste tester. Today, she was quite a busy girl and ate an entire tube of chap stick. She had the plastic tube cleaned completely out. Then later, the girls were helping me clean up after dinner and I thought putting the dishwasher tablet in it's place would an easy task for Eden. So I unwrapped it and handed it to her while saying, "Put it right in- NO NO NO!! Out of your mouth!!!!!" She thought I wanted her to taste it, I guess. She's so helpful like that.

Madison got over the urge to put every object on earth in her mouth at a much younger age. Especially things that don't taste good. Eden, however, thinks this is her occupation in life. She's almost 20 months old... doesn't it seem a bit old for this??

This past summer, the girl ate as much sand and dirt as she did food. Blach! And even worse... oh, do I even admit this?? Ohhhhhh. About 6 months ago, she made a discovery on her diaper.... it was a little brown ball. Apparently, she thought it might belong in her mouth too. The horror of that scene still haunts me. I think I literally cried.... and just about drowned her "washing" her mouth.

So there is a lovely thought to leave you with tonight. Pleasant dreams.


Michelle said...

You have a way with words, Kayte! Our Gracie always liked to put the strangest things in her mouth also. She ate John's deodorant when she was about Eden's age. That was a FUN Poison Control phone call.

The last part described my very worst diaper nightmare. I would definitely need to be admitted for evaluation after that!

jennstar said...

Kayte, your child is normal, nor has she plumbed the depths of grossness. We once had a dog who was being house trained (aka "trained to go in the house") at the same time we had a little girlie who was much like Eden - no wicked smell or taste could deter her from putting things in her mouth. Imagine calling Poison Control with that one!
My first two were like Madison and never put things in their mouths. I was not so smug after dealing having a child who ate everything! I think Manly left a little sand in the sandbox last summer.