Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just some yada yada yada

I really have nothing spectacular to write about today... just feeling chatty, I guess!

I had our van today thanks to Seth taking some extra effort this morning to come get us in the middle of his work day. He leaves at 4:45am so you can bet that I do not get up to drop him off in order to have the van! Most days, the girls and I just stay home. But I confess that I really do like to get out. I'm not the home body type by nature. I see the value of teaching the girls to be happy at home and not need to get out, but I think they are already like me and greatly appreciate going somewhere- anywhere- for just a little while every day. During good weather we go for walks to the park virtually every day. The winter months, however, leave us with a bit of cabin fever.

We went to a preschool story time at Barnes & Nobles. The local library also has great story time and craft times that are totally free. I would be at one every day if I had the van more! The girls just love it! Eden is so funny to watch as she struts around during the stories. She usually ends up sitting down right next to the lady reading. She seems like enjoy having everyone looking at her! The little ham!

I made a big batch of Sweet and Sour Chicken for dinner tonight, with plenty for lunch tomorrow. I decided to revise the recipe I put on here a little just clarify the most important ingredient since it may be unfamiliar to most people.

Today was the day that Eden's last bottle was thrown out. I know: 20 months and still has a bottle for bedtime?!!! Yup, she way too old by current opinions. She was very embarrassed to still have a ba ba. Don't let the huge grin and enthusiastic "BA BA!!!! BA BA!! BA BA!!!" fool you; she was quite ashamed. ;) Now she is 100% on sippy cups. *sigh* She is so big.

Maddie had been on "gum restriction" for a few weeks but since she made improvements in the area that she is rewarded with gum privileges in (going potty independently), she was allowed to accept gum from aunts or nursery workers or Nana yesterday. But I adamantly told her not to ask for gum, but rather could accept if she was offered. So what does this little clever girl do? Went around to people sweetly saying "You can offer me gum!"

Have a great evening! God is so good. We have so much to be thankful for, don't we? I'm going to go relax with one of God's bestest gifts to me, my husband, right now.


Mrs. Reverend Doctor said...

naw, don't feel bad Lilli still gets one at night and shes a few months younger, of course she enjoys making the sippy's seems with the second you don't push them to "grow up" as much.

Amy ♥ DailyPleasures said...

I'm going to have to try your chicken recipe. I'll have to hunt down that pepper first and add it to my jars of sliced banana peppers, whole banana peppers, roasted red peppers and pepperoncinis in our fridge. My hubby and kids love them, can you tell?

My last few bottle lovers gave up the bottle on their second birthday. Well, the day after, since it seemed mean to celebrate that way. I bought them sippy cups for their birthdays, we had the "now you're a big girl/boy talk" and they helped me toss them. It worked for us, but I'm glad Caleb never had one. It's much easier.

Love Maddie's spunkiness. She would fit right in in my household. :)

Kayte said...

Amy, explain to me the difference between a bannan pepper and a peppercini? I've always thought they were one and the same. I LOVE peppercinis too. I saw on your blog that you put them in with your roast and now do it too. (I even pour in some juice- that's how much I love it!) So thanks for that idea!

Amy ♥ DailyPleasures said...

Other than the shape, the size, the color, and the flavor, they are very similar. Does that help? Pepperoncinis are a bit hotter, a bit bigger, a bit more green than yellow and I buy banana peppers that are in a pickled brine so they have a milder, pickly flavor.