Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sick Day

Today, I took a sick day. No laundry got done, very minimal cleaning and no cooking. Seth had the illness earlier in the week, then Maddie, now me and Eden went to bed early with a low fever and slightly runny nose. Seth made it possible for me to get a nice long nap today which has helped me greatly! Hence the energy to even write this short post!

Most of our day has been spent lying around with blankets and tissues scattered about. We watched "Swiss Family Robinson" about 3 times through. At the point when I was no longer entertained by it but was rather lying there picking it apart for how unrealistic it is, I finally turned it off. Eden has been wanting to be held all day; I'm guessing she has body aches too because she doesn't even want to run to me to be picked up. She'll just lie face down wherever she is and cry in the most pathetic way until I go get her. Thankfully, Maddie is feeling fine now and she really has been very good today. She has been helpful and independently playing and going potty. She was on her own a good part of the day and was perfectly fine. What a big girl she was today!

I think I am on the mend now... if we can all get a good night's sleep tonight, that would be wonderful!

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JesseTaraMcCoyandgang said...

I hear ya! We've had it here too, and my house also looks like it's been sick. Hopefully this weekend it will be on the mend! Cause we are too!